Silver Crown
Thursday, 15 April 2010



USAC continues to showcase its motorsports versatility with today’s announcement by Adrenaline Partnership LLC, brand stewards of the Fireball Run Adventurally that USAC will sanction and oversee the motorsports aspects of the 2010 event. The announcement comes on the heels of Fireball Run’s new alliance with Consorso Italiano, one of America’s most premier luxury auto events, marking yet another major shift for the one of a kind rally.


Established in 2007, the Fireball Run is an invitational eight-day, 18-city, 75-team, 3,500 mile interactive game. Part rally, part game, part race, the Fireball Run utilizes the United States as one giant game board with competitive teams acting as mere pawns in the game. To advance, teams must accomplish missions and solve clues received along the route in order to correctly navigate the country and earn points. Teams are allowed use of cell phones, GPS, and the internet.


In addition to the cerebral aspects, the Fireball Run also incorporates real motorsports racing challenges. JJ Sanchez, Executive Director stated, “simply put we out grew our old sanctioning body. Fireball Run achieves a lot of positive media and does great things for the communities it interacts with. We needed a sanctioning body that could capitalize on our popularity and help us expand in the future.”


There are at least two road course races in the Fireball Run each year, the first for 2010’s event will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “Fireball Run attracts everyone from the novice to the professional racer; therefore safety is our primary concern. Kevin [Miller] and his team at USAC have an outstanding safety record and have demonstrated the type of new business thinking we feel is necessary for growth in the current economic climate. They understood the power of the Fireball Run brand,” continued Sanchez.


“We have been working to diversify the offerings at USAC. Fireball Run’s mass audience appeal as well is its very unique positioning made it an absolute must have for us,” said Miller, “after meeting in person with their leadership it became clear they have it going on. Fireball Run is a future design racing series. Very well thought out and planned. It’s probably the best product in our line-up for sponsors as well as highly entertaining for fans. I’m quite certain they will get televised.” As a result of the partnership, all USAC licensed competitors are invited to compete in the Fireball Run series.


The 2010 Fireball Run starts September 23rd in Lake Las Vegas Nevada and finishes October 2nd in a yet undisclosed Wisconsin location. While having fun and seeing the country as never before, Fireball Run teams also participate in its “Race to Recover America’s Missing Children,” which is the nation’s longest and largest annual active recovery effort for missing and exploited children. The event serves as an awareness campaign for the Klaas Kids Foundation. Fireball Run is headquartered on the NBC/Universal production back lot of Universal Studios Florida.


USAC’s 55-year history includes some involvement in rally-type events, beginning with the 1956 “Great American Mountain Rallye” and the 1958 Mobil Mileage Rally. Between 2002 and 2006, USAC also served as the sanctioning body for 11 international rally events.