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Friday, 5 February 2021



Dirt Draft entered the fantasy sports world as the first of its kind in July of 2019, covering grassroots short track racing events of all types. Since then, Dirt Draft has prided itself on working strategically with national series’, regional tours, racetracks, and drivers to enhance overall fan engagement across the nation.

After a successful 2020 season, Dirt Draft and USAC have come to an agreement that positions Dirt Draft to remain the “Official Fantasy Sports Provider” of the series in 2021.

Dirt Draft and the USAC are excited to continue working together and already have an array of exciting additions in the works for this coming season. These additions cater to not only the users and fans, but to the drivers following the series as well. Much like last year, both parties are eager to work together as there is collectively a thriving desire to progress the overall fan experience in the racing industry.

For the first time ever a major dirt touring series will officially crown a fantasy season champion in each of the three USAC touring divisions. That champion will not only have bragging rights for 1-full year but will be recognized publicly by USAC and Dirt Draft in a variety of ways at season end.

If you are the player who finishes 2nd through 100th, we haven’t forgotten about you either.  Bonus SpeedShop points will be awarded as well as other exciting items and opportunities to be announced soon. The USAC Dirt Draft season fantasy championship battle will begin at the start of each series schedule after Winter Dirt Games XII concludes and run through the finale for each series schedule.  A USAC leaderboard will be available on DirtDraft for players to see their real-time championship standings.

USAC and DirtDraft will also be crowning various speedweek championships throughout the course of the season and be awarded with trophies and bonus points for participants.

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What is Dirt Draft?

Dirt Draft is the first grassroots racing fantasy sports website/app. On Dirt Draft, users pay a subscription of $5.99/mo. or $59.99/ play unlimited contests from over 400 race events annually. Each contest is a salary draft in which a user has a $100,000 salary cap and must choose 5 drivers while staying under that salary cap to create their best team of 5. Each driver has a unique salary assigned to them dependent on their current ADR (average driver rating). This salary will increase/decrease each event based on data sent to Dirt Draft’s software evaluating their most recent performances. The user then enters a public contest to compete against hundreds of others, or a private contest to compete against their friends. The goal is that the user drafts a team that scores more points than all other users in which they are competing against. Based on a user’s performance in a contest, they are awarded points in which they can redeem in the Dirt Draft Speed Shop for event tickets, event ppv’s, merchandise, subscriptions, etc.

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