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Monday, 2 August 2021


Kevin Thomas Jr. (Cullman, Ala.) celebrates the 2021 NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL championship with his wife, Whitney. Kevin Thomas Jr. (Cullman, Ala.) celebrates the 2021 NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL championship with his wife, Whitney. Ryan Sellers Photo


By: Richie Murray – USAC Media

Speedway, Indiana (August 2, 2021)………USAC’s Indiana Sprint Week 2021 is officially in the books.  As we officially let the ink dry on the paper and close the books on its 34th annual edition, we look back another memorable year for one of the most anticipated and embraced events each year.

We felt the heat.  We sheltered from the rain.  We witnessed Justin Grant bookend with victories to start and end the week.  We experienced Logan Seavey lay down the first three-race win streak for the series in eight years.  We saw tempers flare between C.J. Leary and Tanner Thorson, who became a first-time Indiana Sprint Week winner.  We marveled at the Brady Bacon and the Dynamics, Inc. team’s comeback to win after engine trouble the night before.

And, in the end, we crowned a new multi-time champion in Kevin Thomas Jr. aboard his KT Motorsports/Dr. Pepper Presents the Ronald McDonald House Charities/DRC/Speedway Chevy who earned the $10,000 reward as the titlist.

And through it all, we were reassured how special of an event this truly is with seven eight nights of USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car racing at seven tracks during a nine-night span with massive amounts of diehard race fans, campers and a large throng of drivers putting it on the line for your entertainment and for their shot at glory.

Eighty-five different drivers competed during Indiana Sprint Week.  That was the most since 2005!  Plus, the 54 drivers that signed in at Kokomo Speedway were the most for an Indiana Sprint Week event since 2008 at Kamp Motor Speedway in Boswell, Ind.

Ten drivers made feature starts in all seven events: Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Logan Seavey, Jake Swanson, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson and Chris Windom.  Nine started all seven without the aid of a provisional, which Chris Windom utilized after having to go to a backup car at Lawrenceburg.

Seavey’s three-straight Indiana Sprint Week victories were the most since Kevin Thomas Jr. won three consecutively in 2013.  Jay Drake also captured three-straight Indiana Sprint Week wins in 2000 as did Cory Kruseman during the 2002 series.  The longest winning streak in Indiana Sprint Week history belongs to Jon Stanbrough with four-in-a-row between 2006-07.

Grant’s wins in the opener at Kokomo Speedway and in the finale at Tri-State Speedway marked just the sixth time a driver has won both the first and last Indiana Sprint Week race in a single year, and the first such occasion in 17 years.  Danny Smith was the first to accomplish the feat in 1989, followed by Kelly Kinser in 1994, Dave Darland in 1998, Cory Kruseman in 2002 and J.J. Yeley in 2004.

At 18 laps, the race at Kokomo was the shortest Indiana Sprint Week feature in the history of the series and the first rain-shortened, completed event in ISW’s 34-year run.

Four drivers led the Indiana Sprint Week standings at one point in time.  Brayden Fox headed the standings after the rain-abbreviated Gas City race.  Bacon led the longest for four races following Kokomo, Lawrenceburg, Gas City (Part 2) and Terre Haute.

Seavey took over the reins of the standings after the rounds at Lincoln Park and Bloomington and led the standings entering the feature on the final night at Tri-State by nine over Bacon and by 10 over Thomas Jr.

With Seavey finishing 14th, Bacon 8th and Thomas Jr. 2nd, Thomas Jr. leap frogged both to earn his second career Indiana Sprint Week champion and becoming the 10th multi-time champion of the event.  The unrelated Kevin Thomas won four in 1992-93-95-96 as did Levi Jones in 2004-08-09-12.  Dave Darland won three in 1998-2001-2007.  Two-time ISW champs include Chuck Amati (1989-90), J.J. Yeley (1997 & 2003), Cory Kruseman (2002 & 2005), Jon Stanbrough (2006 & 2010), Chris Windom (2011 & 2018), Bryan Clauson (2013 & 2014) and now Kevin Thomas Jr. (2017 & 2021).

With a whopping 52 positions advanced throughout 2021 NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL, Stevie Sussex earned himself the moniker of ProSource Passing Master for the seven-race series.  Sussex also sported one of the most popular liveries throughout Indiana Sprint Week, paying homage to The Mystery Machine featured of Scooby Doo fame.

Please enjoy this presentation of race recaps, complete statistics, tidbits, historical notes and more as we look back on NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL 2021.





The anticipation and the electric atmosphere of the long-awaited Indiana Sprint Week opener was dampened after heavy showers doused Gas City I-69 Speedway following Fatheadz Eyewear Qualifying.

The Qualifying session was completed before the rain arrived with Brayden Fox (Avon, Ind.) earning quick time honors for the first time in his USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car career with a time of 11.916 seconds, besting the field of 50 cars and drivers in time trials.

Because the qualifying session was completed prior to the rain, the points earned counted toward both the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car and Indiana Sprint Week standings with all drivers and entrants earning qualifying points, plus 10 appearance points.

Because of that, Fox actually held the Indiana Sprint Week point lead following the abbreviated Gas City opener with 16 points.

The event weas rescheduled for Monday night, July 26, with a completely new program, beginning with hot laps, qualifying and followed by racing.

50 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Brayden Fox, 53, Fox-11.916





Justin Grant had never experienced a victory quite like he did Saturday night at Indiana’s Kokomo Speedway.

Just two nights after scoring a 100-lap, long distance USAC Silver Crown race, the Ione, California native reigned triumphant in one of the shortest feature events in the 66-year history of USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship racing.

Under threatening skies that hovered over the top of Kokomo’s quarter-mile dirt oval, Grant raced to the lead on the ninth lap past Kevin Thomas Jr., then remained at the head of the field when the skies let loose, halting the race with 18 of 30 laps complete.

A feature event is considered complete when more than half of the scheduled laps are completed.  When it became apparent that the rain was going to make the resumption of the event an impossibility, Grant was declared the winner in his TOPP Motorsports/NOS Energy Drink – MPV Express – TOPP Industries/Maxim/Kistler Chevy.

With the falling precipitation causing the mass exodus from both the capacity-filled grandstands and pit area, the traditional victory lane celebration and the resulting jubilation was a little more muted than usual.

Instead, the hoopla was traded in for a quick exit from the pit area followed by a post-race meal at a nearby Rally’s.  Grant has no qualms with that.  A win is a win no matter how you slice it, and Grant certainly earned this one before the proverbial buzzer sounded.

“I’ll take them anyway I can get them,” Grant declared.  “This one paid more per lap than anyone I’ve ever won!”

The 18-lap, rain-shortened feature has much historical significance within the USAC record books with it being the first-ever rain-shortened Indiana Sprint Week main event in the series’ 34-year history.

Saturday’s truncated race placed it tied for the third-shortest completed feature race in USAC Sprint Car history.  Doug Wolfgang won both ends of twin 15-lappers at Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Ill. during the 1991 season.  Jim McWithey won an 18-lap USAC Midwest Sprint Car race, rain-shortened from 30 circuits, at the Terre Haute (Ind.) Action Track in 1959.

The last completed, rain-shortened USAC National Sprint Car feature of any kind prior to Saturday came at Anderson (Ind.) Speedway in 2006, a race won by Darren Hagen with 35 of 40 laps in the books when it was called.


54 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-12.594

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Kyle Cummins, Kevin Thomas Jr., Robert Ballou & Tanner Thorson


C-MAIN WINNER: Stevie Sussex

SEMI WINNER: Logan Seavey

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Justin Grant (3), 2. Brady Bacon (6), 3. Kevin Thomas Jr. (1), 4. C.J. Leary (2), 5. Tanner Thorson (9), 6. Kyle Cummins (7), 7. Chris Windom (4), 8. Jadon Rogers (5), 9. Robert Ballou (8), 10. Logan Seavey (10), 11. Shane Cottle (18), 12. Brent Beauchamp (11), 13. Jake Swanson (12), 14. Chase Johnson (13), 15. Cannon McIntosh (17), 16. Braydon Cromwell (14), 17. Cole Bodine (23-P), 18. Thomas Meseraull (15), 19. Stevie Sussex (22), 20. Max Guilford (20), 21. Brady Short (21), 22. Jason McDougal (19), 23. Brandon Mattox (16). NT

(P) represents a provisional starter





USAC’s most recent event at Indiana’s Lawrenceburg Speedway came to be known as “Logan Seavey Night” during early June of this year when he swept both the USAC Indiana Midget Week feature and the accompanying local sprint car A-Main on the very same night.

As it just so happened, that marvelous showing in the Spring was just a prelude to an unforgettable midsummer encore performance.

Seavey delivered a Sunday night spectacular in round two of USAC NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL feature at the southeastern Indiana 3/8-mile dirt oval that he’d been the dominant force at just seven weeks prior.

Seven weeks later, Seavey was the winner once again on the high banks of “The Burg” in his Baldwin-Fox Racing/Fox Paving – Claxton Engines/DRC/Claxton Chevy to become just the third driver to earn victories in both an Indiana Midget Week and Indiana Sprint Week feature at the same track in the same season.

Jerry Coons Jr. won both an IMW and ISW feature at Kamp Motor Speedway in 2007 while Bryan Clauson equaled the feat at Bloomington Speedway in 2013.

Seavey’s USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car score on this night was the third of his career and was also the second triumph added to his Indiana Sprint Week resume, coming exactly a year and a day following his first one in the 2020 opener at Gas City.

Meanwhile, Seavey, who joined the Baldwin-Fox team in early May, provided the distinctive orange No. 5 its first USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car feature win since an Eastern Storm victory at Port Royal (Pa.) Speedway more than three years ago in 2018 with driver Chris Windom.

“It feels so good,” Seavey exclaimed.  “I feel like every time I’ve been here, I’ve been good.  This year, everything’s coming together.”


41 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-13.707

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Chase Johnson, C.J. Leary, Robert Ballou & Cole Bodine

C-MAIN WINNER: Eddie Tafoya Jr.

SEMI WINNER: Nick Bilbee

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Logan Seavey (4), 2. Jake Swanson (2), 3. Tanner Thorson (1), 4. Brady Bacon (6), 5. Kevin Thomas Jr. (5), 6. C.J. Leary (10), 7. Robert Ballou (8), 8. Justin Grant (19), 9. Kyle Cummins (13), 10. Shane Cottle (16), 11. Cole Bodine (9), 12. Chase Johnson (7), 13. Scotty Weir (3), 14. Nick Bilbee (21), 15. Chris Windom (22-P), 16. Stevie Sussex (11), 17. Chase Stockon (20), 18. Jadon Rogers (17), 19. Jason McDougal (14), 20. Cannon McIntosh (18), 21. Tye Mihocko (15), 22. Paul Nienhiser (23-P), 23. Thomas Meseraull (24), 24. Tyler Kendall (12).

(P) represents a provisional starter





On a rare Monday night appearance for USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship racing, Logan Seavey grabbing the headlines has become the most common of occurrences.

The Sutter, California racer went back-to-back on multiple levels during Monday’s NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL event at Gas City I-69 Speedway, which had been postponed by rain from the previous Friday night.

Seavey not only repeated his Gas City ISW feature win from a year ago, but also captured his second victory in the series within a 24-hour span after topping the field at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Sunday night in his Baldwin-Fox Racing/Fox Paving – Claxton Engines/DRC/Claxton Chevy.

Seavey raced from the fourth starting position to the lead on the second lap of Monday’s 30-lap main event after rocketing past race leader Jake Swanson.  Seavey persevered on a “giddy-up” quarter-mile surface which had been hammered by a substantial amount of rainfall over the weekend, leading the final 29 laps and requiring a set of proverbial spurs to get the job done.

“What a different Gas City then I had ever seen,” Seavey exclaimed.  “I’ve only been here a handful of times and I honestly had no idea where I needed to be on the racetrack.  I didn’t know if anybody was close; it felt like there was someone on me the whole time.  I felt like I couldn’t put together two laps the same.  I think that’s just how the racetrack was.  It was a ‘cowboy up’ place.”

Monday’s Gas City race was the fourth of its kind in the 34-year history of Indiana Sprint Week.  Just three previous Monday ISW installments had been held coming into the night with J.J. Yeley winning at Twin Cities Raceway Park in 2002; Dave Darland at Kokomo Speedway in 2012; and C.J. Leary at Gas City in 2017.


46 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Tanner Thorson, 19AZ, Reinbold/Underwood-11.809

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Jason McDougal, Robert Ballou, Jake Swanson & Brady Bacon

C-MAIN WINNERS: Brent Beauchamp

SEMI WINNER: Tanner Thorson

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Logan Seavey (4), 2. Brady Bacon (8), 3. Kyle Cummins (12), 4. Jake Swanson (2), 5. Jason McDougal (1), 6. Tanner Thorson (9), 7. Chris Windom (5), 8. Justin Grant (14), 9. Kevin Thomas Jr. (10), 10. Tye Mihocko (3), 11. Robert Ballou (7), 12. Jadon Rogers (13), 13. Chase Stockon (21), 14. Stevie Sussex (19), 15. C.J. Leary (15), 16. Cannon McIntosh (22), 17. Chase Johnson (17), 18. Brandon Mattox (20), 19. Chase Jones (6), 20. Cole Bodine (18), 21. Zack Pretorius (11), 22. Thomas Meseraull (16). NT






Logan Seavey entered the start of this past week with just two career USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car feature wins in a span of 50 starts.

In a span of three series starts, the Sutter, California native has surpassed his entire win output throughout his first three seasons by scoring his third consecutive victory on Wednesday night at the Terre Haute Action Track, round four of NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL.

Seavey’s trifecta of victories began Sunday at Lawrenceburg Speedway, continued Monday at Gas City I-69 Speedway and now has reached official “streak” status with his third win in his last three tries, leading all 30 laps at Terre Haute aboard the Baldwin-Fox Racing/Fox Paving – Claxton Engines/DRC/Claxton Chevy.

The third win of Seavey’s personal hat trick was special in a myriad of manners, but most of all, it came at Terre Haute, a place in which so few have tamed throughout its 60-plus year history.  A win at this place is something special, something memorable, something remarkable.  Seavey was all of those things and more on Wednesday night at the Don Smith Classic.

“To win at Terre Haute is unlike anything I’ve ever done in my career; this is awesome,” Seavey exclaimed.  “To beat (Justin) Grant too just makes it that much sweeter.  He’s one of the best here and I had to run 110 percent every lap to keep him behind us.”

Seavey’s three-straight Indiana Sprint Week victories put him in rarified air and are the most since Kevin Thomas Jr. won three consecutively in 2013.  Jay Drake also captured three-straight Indiana Sprint Week wins in 2000 as did Cory Kruseman during the 2002 series.

The longest winning streak in Indiana Sprint Week history belongs to Jon Stanbrough with four-in-a-row between 2006-07.


36 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Kevin Thomas Jr., 9K, KT-20.039

HEAT RACE WINNER: Tanner Thorson, Chris Windom, Tye Mihocko & Logan Seavey

SEMI WINNER: Jake Swanson

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Logan Seavey (1), 2. Justin Grant (4), 3. Chris Windom (7), 4. Brady Bacon (12), 5. Jason McDougal (15), 6. Chase Stockon (3), 7. Kevin Thomas Jr. (6), 8. Tanner Thorson (8), 9. Shane Cottle (13), 10. C.J. Leary (5), 11. Kyle Cummins (21), 12. Jake Swanson (10), 13. Nick Bilbee (2), 14. Shane Cockrum (16), 15. Tye Mihocko (9), 16. Brandon Mattox (20), 17. Charles Davis Jr. (18), 18. Matt Westfall (19), 19. Mario Clouser (11), 20. Max Guilford (22), 21. Robert Ballou (14), 22. Eddie Tafoya Jr. (17). NT





High heat, high emotion and high intensity were the main ingredients of a dramatic ending between drivers Tanner Thorson and C.J. Leary during Thursday night’s USAC NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week By AMSOIL feature event at Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, Ind.

A last lap caution set up a green-white-checkered finish that Tanner Thorson utilized for one last shot.  On the lap 30 restart, Thorson slid from the bottom of turn one up toward the top of turn two while Leary occupied the high side, nestled snugly against the cushion.

While the two were dead even, wheel-to-wheel near the top of turn two, Leary’s car biked on the curb, getting both left side wheels airborne before landing on all fours and skidding at the exit atop the second turn.  No contact was made between the two cars as Thorson raced by underneath to take over the lead while Windom followed suit to second, although Leary briefly returned to the runner-up spot on the 31st and final lap before Windom retook the spot off turn two.

Thorson, who had earlier posted his second Fatheadz Eyewear fast qualifying time of Indiana Sprint Week, led just the final two laps in his Reinbold-Underwood Motorsports/AME Electrical – CSI – Mesilla Valley Transportation/Spike/Stanton Chevy, crossing under the double checkers 0.707 seconds ahead of Windom, Leary, Kevin Thomas Jr. and Logan Seavey.

Seavey possessed a three-race Indiana Sprint Week winning streak coming into Lincoln Park as he attempted to equal Jon Stanbrough’s record of four consecutive ISW victories over the course of 2006 and 2007.

But on this night, it was Thorson’s turn in just about the most dramatic of ways imaginable as Leary unbelted, hopped out of his car and made a beeline to “greet” Thorson in victory lane while Leary’s racecar continued to roll across the infield driverless until petering out halfway across the 5/16-mile dirt oval.

As Thorson came to a stop to celebrate, Leary put his foot down, quite literally, on the nose of Thorson’s car.  Immediately, Thorson rose from his seat and the two exchanged blunt words, muffled only by the protection of their head sock and helmet, while also gesturing their displeasure quite animatedly.


47 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Tanner Thorson, 19AZ, Reinbold/Underwood-12.553

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Kyle Cummins, Brady Bacon, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Brandon Mattox

C-MAIN WINNER: Braydon Cromwell

SEMI WINNER: Chris Windom

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Tanner Thorson (6), 2. Chris Windom (11), 3. C.J. Leary (3), 4. Kevin Thomas Jr. (5), 5. Logan Seavey (4), 6. Jason McDougal (2), 7. Jake Swanson (10), 8. Justin Grant (12), 9. Stevie Sussex (22), 10. Jadon Rogers (13), 11. Cole Bodine (1), 12. Chase Stockon (15), 13. Kyle Cummins (8), 14. Brent Beauchamp (17), 15. Robert Ballou (14), 16. Brandon Spencer (21), 17. Matt Westfall (19), 18. Brandon Mattox (9), 19. Carson Short (16), 20. Chris Gansen (20), 21. Shane Cottle (18), 22. Brady Bacon (7). NT





Twenty-four hours earlier, Brady Bacon and the Dynamics, Inc. crew experienced the lowest of lows when a magneto issue knocked the team out of the feature at Lincoln Park Speedway before the green flag had even been waved.

Twenty-four hours later, the team was standing in victory lane, celebrating its first series victory in more than three months on Friday night following the Sheldon Kinser Memorial, the sixth and penultimate round of the 34th annual USAC NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week by AMSOIL at Bloomington Speedway.

Once again, resiliency from the Bacon/Hoffman/Dynamics camp was on full display, as for the second year in a row, the team endured a similar magneto fate at Lincoln Park one night, then bounced back the following evening with a feature victory for the Dynamics, Inc./Fatheadz Eyewear – Elliott’s Custom Trailers & Carts – TelStar/Triple X/Rider Chevy.

“It’s just a testament to the whole Hoffman team,” Bacon praised.  “When something goes wrong, we put our noses down and keep working.  We know we’re doing the right thing, it’s just that sometimes things get out of your control.  You just can’t get down about it.  You just plug away and keep trying.”

Bacon’s 38th career USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car victory was a special one indeed.  The triumph broke a tie the Broken Arrow, Okla. native held with the race’s namesake, Sheldon Kinser, for ninth all-time.


36 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Brent Beauchamp, 29, LB-11.273

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Chase Stockon, Thomas Meseraull, Robert Ballou & Jake Swanson

SEMI WINNER: Logan Seavey

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Brady Bacon (5), 2. Kyle Cummins (4), 3. C.J. Leary (1), 4. Kevin Thomas Jr. (3), 5. Robert Ballou (7), 6. Shane Cottle (15), 7. Logan Seavey (12), 8. Jake Swanson (10), 9. Jadon Rogers (13), 10. A.J. Hopkins (21), 11. Chase Stockon (8), 12. Chris Windom (2), 13. Justin Grant (22), 14. Tye Mihocko (14), 15. Tanner Thorson (6), 16. Braydon Cromwell (19), 17. Brent Beauchamp (11), 18. Stevie Sussex (16), 19. Cole Bodine (17), 20. Brady Short (18), 21. Chase Johnson (20), 22. Thomas Meseraull (9). NT





It’s a rare instance when both the first and second-place finishers of a race can celebrate in unison for their own, separate personal accomplishments.

For Justin Grant and Kevin Thomas Jr., that was the scene on Saturday night following the finale for USAC NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week By AMSOIL at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt.

Both veteran racers cut their own slice of triumph, one as a race winner at a track that has been a longtime nemesis, and another who reached the zenith of his racing summer.

Grant bookended the beginning and end of the seven-race ISW slate with a feature win at Kokomo to start and a Tri-State feature win to conclude the 34th annual edition of the series while Thomas capped the points race with a crown as the ISW champion for the second time in his career, and for the first time since 2017.

“We had some issues through the middle of sprint week,” Grant acknowledged after leading the final 29 laps of the 30-lap race aboard his TOPP Motorsports/NOS Energy Drink – MPV Express – TOPP Industries/Maxim/Kistler Chevy.  “We started it with a win and ended it with a win.  It was good, and we won a race at Haubstadt.  I can’t believe it!”

Only five other drivers had won both the first and the last feature race during a single Indiana Sprint Week, and the first to do it in 17 years.  Danny Smith was the first to accomplish the feat in 1989, followed by Kelly Kinser in 1994, Dave Darland in 1998, Cory Kruseman in 2002 and J.J. Yeley in 2004.


37 Entries

FAST QUALIFIER: Jadon Rogers, 14, Rogers-13.590

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Kyle Cummins, Jason McDougal, Tanner Thorson & Brady Short

SEMI WINNER: Jadon Rogers

FEATURE RESULTS: (Starting positions in parentheses) 1. Justin Grant (4), 2. Kevin Thomas Jr. (2), 3. Chase Stockon (5), 4. Kyle Cummins (9), 5. Tanner Thorson (7), 6. C.J. Leary (3), 7. Jadon Rogers (10), 8. Brady Bacon (22), 9. Brady Short (8), 10. Kendall Ruble (6), 11. Robert Ballou (18), 12. Jake Swanson (17), 13. Jason McDougal (1), 14. Logan Seavey (13), 15. Chris Windom (12), 16. Chris Gansen (21), 17. Cole Bodine (19), 18. Stephen Schnapf (11), 19. Kent Schmidt (15), 20. Aric Gentry (14), 21. Shane Cottle (16), 22. Eddie Tafoya Jr. (20). NT





Thomas’ second place finish in the finale at Tri-State Speedway was more than good enough to clinch the title by 17 points over Bacon, with Seavey, Thorson and Grant rounding out the top-five.  Thomas’ $10,000 prize for winning the Indiana Sprint Week championship was accompanied by the traditional rocker going to the ISW championship team, which is a hand-built creation constructed out of cherry wood, series #036, by John Youngs and is serial #036.

As it panned out, Thomas was the lone driver who finished inside the top-five of the final 2021 ISW point standings not to win a race during the series.  Once again, for the fourth consecutive year, the Indiana Sprint Week champion driver went winless throughout their run following Chris Windom (2018), C.J. Leary (2019) and Chase Stockon (2020).

Funny enough, Thomas remains the only ISW champion to also win a feature during the same week since doing so in 2017.  It’s a monumental task to put up seven straight nights of successful runs without a major mechanical failure, accident or any other occurrence that can take the whole operation off the rails, especially with the competition level being what it is.  Thomas and team were sublime in getting the job done in the KT Motorsports/Dr. Pepper Presents the Ronald McDonald House Charities/DRC/Speedway Chevy.

“You’ve just got to be consistent with these guys,” Thomas explained.  “They’re just so balls out every time they get around you.  They’re all wanting to win the race.  (My crew) stayed consistent and kept their composure.  We all know that I don’t do that very well, so I’m glad I have those guys behind my back as well as my wife to talk me back down from certain circumstances on the way home.

“You have bad nights and people that are really fast have bad nights,” Thomas continued.  “Brady had an engine issue that set him back for the night.  You’ve just got to be at the right place at the right time and we had a good solid week.  That was good enough to win and I’m so proud of everybody, our team, our sponsors, it’s just so much fun.  I love doing this, and to win another Sprint Week is really special.”




Driver Champion: Kevin Thomas Jr.

Most Wins: 3-Logan Seavey

Most Laps Led: 66-Logan Seavey

Most Top-Fives: 5-Brady Bacon & Kevin Thomas Jr.

Most Top-Tens: 7-Kevin Thomas Jr.

Most Fast Qualifying Times: 2-Brady Bacon & Tanner Thorson

Most Heat Race Wins: 4-Robert Ballou

Most Feature Starts: 7-Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Logan Seavey, Jake Swanson, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson & Chris Windom

Biggest Charge of the Week: 7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Brady Bacon (22nd to 8th)





1              486         Kevin Thomas Jr., Cullman, Ala.

2              469         Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, Okla.

3              464         Logan Seavey, Sutter, Calif.

4              461         Tanner Thorson, Minden, Nev.

5              452         Justin Grant, Ione, Calif.

6              438         C.J. Leary, Greenfield, Ind.

7              424         Kyle Cummins, Princeton, Ind.

8              408         Jake Swanson, Anaheim, Calif.

9              371         Chris Windom, Canton, Ill.

10           353         Robert Ballou, Rocklin, Calif.

11           321         Chase Stockon, Fort Branch, Ind.

12           310         Jason McDougal, Broken Arrow, Okla.

13           302         Jadon Rogers, Worthington, Ind.

14           272         Shane Cottle, Kansas, Ill.

15           209         Stevie Sussex, Mesa, Ariz.

16           204         Cole Bodine, Rossville, Ind.

17           189         Tye Mihocko, Phoenix, Ariz.

18           184         Chase Johnson, Penngrove, Calif.

19           154         Thomas Meseraull, San Jose, Calif.

20           147         Brandon Mattox, Terre Haute, Ind.

21           132         Brent Beauchamp, Fairland, Ind.

22           124         Cannon McIntosh, Bixby, Okla.

23           120         Chris Gansen, Verdemont Heights, Calif.

24           118         Brady Short, Bedford, Ind.

25           117         Eddie Tafoya Jr., Chino Hills, Calif.

26           110         Braydon Cromwell, Lone Jack, Mo.

27           105         Charles Davis Jr., Buckeye, Ariz.

28           99           Max Guilford, Auckland, N.Z.

29           82           Nick Bilbee, Indianapolis, Ind.

30           75           Chase Jones, Greenwood, Ind.

31           72           Scotty Weir, Marion, Ind.

32           70           Alex Banales, Lafayette, Ind.

33           69           A.J. Hopkins, Brownsburg, Ind.

34           63           Matt Westfall, Pleasant Hill, Ohio

35           61           Shane Cockrum, Benton, Ill.

36           60           Sterling Cling, Tempe, Ariz.

37           50           Anthony D'Alessio, Apollo Beach, Fla.

                50           Kyle Edwards, Fountain Valley, Calif.

39           49           Kendall Ruble, Vincennes, Ind.

40           46           Brayden Fox, Avon, Ind.

41           45           Carson Short, Marion, Ill.

42           45           Zack Pretorius, Yorktown, Ind.

43           41           Paul Nienhiser, Chapin, Ill.

44           40           Dustin Clark, Washington, Ind.

                40           Evan Mosley, Lapel, Ind.

                40           Gabriel Gilbert, Greenwood, Ind.

                40           Harley Burns, Brazil, Ind.

                40           Ryan Barr, Piqua, Ohio

                40           Ryan Bond, Haubstadt, Ind.

50           37           Tyler Kendall, Connersville, Ind.

51           32           Stephen Schnapf, Newburgh, Ind.

52           31           Brandon Spencer, Nashville, Ind.

53           30           Jack James, Harlan, Ind.

                30           Jordan Kinser, Bloomington, Ind.

                30           Korbyn Hayslett, Troy, Ohio

                30           Matt Goodnight, Winchester, Ind.

                30           Matt McDonald, Pittsboro, Ind.

58           27           Kent Schmidt, Owensville, Ind.

59           26           Mario Clouser, Auburn, Ill.

60           26           Aric Gentry, Robards, Ky.

61           20           Alec Sipes, Bloomington, Ind.

                20           Brayden Clark, Tipton, Ind.

                20           Critter Malone, Pittsboro, Ind.

                20           Dan Clodfelter, Rockville, Ind.

                20           Dickie Gaines, Mitchell, Ind.

                20           Garrett Aitken, Paris, Ill.

                20           Ricky Lewis, Ventura, Calif.

                20           Tayte Williamson, Rushsylvania, Ohio

                20           Tyler Hewitt, Marion, Ind.

70           10           Chet Williams, Newburgh, Ind.

                10           Clinton Boyles, Greenwood, Mo.

                10           Colten Cottle, Kansas, Ill.

                10           Cooper Welch, Sheridan, Ind.

                10           David Hair, Indianapolis, Ind.

                10           Dylan Moan, Sumner, Ill.

                10           J.J. Hughes, Columbus, Ind.

                10           Jake Scott, Morgantown, Ind.

                10           Jessica Swanson, Westlake Village, Calif.

                10           Joss Moffatt, Columbus, Ind.

                10           Mitchell Davis, Auburn, Ill.

                10           Riley Kreisel, Warsaw, Mo.

                10           Saban Bibent, Cincinnati, Ohio

                10           Sam Scott, Patoka, Ind.

                10           Shey Owens, Indianapolis, Ind.

                10           Stan Beadles, Owensville, Ind.



July 23: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Gas City, IN

                WINNER: Rained Out After Qualifying (Rescheduled for July 26)

July 24: Kokomo Speedway – Kokomo, IN

                WINNER: Justin Grant (TOPP Motorsports #4)

July 25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Lawrenceburg, IN

                WINNER: Logan Seavey (Baldwin-Fox Racing #5)

July 26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Gas City, IN

                WINNER: Logan Seavey (Baldwin-Fox Racing #5)

July 28: Terre Haute Action Track – Terre Haute, IN

                WINNER: Logan Seavey (Baldwin-Fox Racing #5)

July 29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Putnamville, IN

                WINNER: Tanner Thorson (Reinbold-Underwood Motorsports #19AZ)

July 30: Bloomington Speedway – Bloomington, IN

                WINNER: Brady Bacon (Dynamics, Inc. #69)

July 31: Tri-State Speedway – Haubstadt, IN

                WINNER: Justin Grant (TOPP Motorsports #4)





3-Logan Seavey (July 25 at Lawrenceburg Speedway, July 26 at Gas City I-69 Speedway & July 28 at the Terre Haute Action Track)

2-Justin Grant (July 24 at Kokomo Speedway & July 31 at Tri-State Speedway)

1-Brady Bacon (July 30 at Bloomington Speedway)

1-Tanner Thorson (July 29 at Lincoln Park Speedway)



66-Logan Seavey

39-Justin Grant

37-C.J. Leary

23-Jake Swanson

16-Brady Bacon

9-Kevin Thomas Jr.

6-Cole Bodine

3-Tanner Thorson



5-Brady Bacon & Kevin Thomas Jr.

4-Logan Seavey & Tanner Thorson

3-Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant & C.J. Leary

2-Jason McDougal, Jake Swanson & Chris Windom

1-Robert Ballou & Chase Stockon



7-Kevin Thomas Jr.

6-Brady Bacon, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Logan Seavey & Tanner Thorson

5-Kyle Cummins

4-Jadon Rogers, Jake Swanson & Chris Windom

3-Robert Ballou, Shane Cottle & Jason McDougal

2-Chase Stockon

1-A.J. Hopkins, Tye Mihocko, Kendall Ruble, Brady Short & Stevie Sussex



7/23: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Brayden Fox

7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Brady Bacon

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Brady Bacon

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Tanner Thorson

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Kevin Thomas Jr.

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Tanner Thorson

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – Brent Beauchamp

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Jadon Rogers


2021 USAC INDIANA SPRINT WEEK HEAT RACE WINS (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension Inc., Indy Metal Finishing & Indy Race Parts)

4-Robert Ballou

3-Kyle Cummins & Tanner Thorson

2-Brady Bacon, Jason McDougal, Jake Swanson & Kevin Thomas Jr.

1-Cole Bodine, Chase Johnson, C.J. Leary, Brandon Mattox, Thomas Meseraull, Tye Mihocko, Logan Seavey, Brady Short, Chase Stockon & Chris Windom



2-Logan Seavey

1-Nick Bilbee, Jadon Rogers, Jake Swanson, Tanner Thorson & Chris Windom



1-Brent Beauchamp, Braydon Cromwell, Stevie Sussex & Eddie Tafoya Jr.



1-Jack James



7-Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Logan Seavey, Jake Swanson, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson & Chris Windom

6-Cole Bodine, Shane Cottle, Jason McDougal, Jadon Rogers & Chase Stockon

5-Stevie Sussex

4-Chase Johnson, Brandon Mattox, Thomas Meseraull & Tye Mihocko

3-Brent Beauchamp, Cannon McIntosh & Brady Short

2-Nick Bilbee, Braydon Cromwell, Chris Gansen, Max Guilford, Eddie Tafoya Jr. & Matt Westfall

1-Mario Clouser, Shane Cockrum, Charles Davis Jr., Aric Gentry, A.J. Hopkins, Chase Jones, Tyler Kendall, Paul Nienhiser, Zack Pretorius, Kendall Ruble, Kent Schmidt, Stephen Schnapf, Carson Short, Brandon Spencer & Scotty Weir



7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Cannon McIntosh

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Nick Bilbee

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Zack Pretorius

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Brandon Mattox

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Cole Bodine & Jason McDougal

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – Braydon Cromwell

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Chase Stockon



7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Shane Cottle (18th to 11th)

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Justin Grant (19th to 8th)

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Kyle Cummins (12th to 3rd)

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Jason McDougal (15th to 5th)

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Stevie Sussex (22nd to 9th)

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – A.J. Hopkins (21st to 10th)

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Brady Bacon (22nd to 8th)



7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Stevie Sussex

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Nick Bilbee

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Cannon McIntosh

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Max Guilford

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Stevie Sussex

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – A.J. Hopkins

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Brady Bacon



7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Jake Swanson

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Scotty Weir

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Chase Stockon

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Nick Bilbee

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Kyle Cummins

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – Justin Grant

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Jason McDougal



7/24: Kokomo Speedway – Tye Mihocko

7/25: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Jordan Kinser

7/26: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Scotty Weir

7/28: Terre Haute Action Track – Chase Johnson

7/29: Lincoln Park Speedway – Chase Johnson

7/30: Bloomington Speedway – Sterling Cling

7/31: Tri-State Speedway – Critter Malone









20-Dave Darland

16-Jon Stanbrough

12-Cory Kruseman

9-J.J. Yeley

7-Bryan Clauson

6-Jay Drake, Danny Smith & Kevin Thomas Jr.

5-Kevin Briscoe, Tyler Courtney, Kyle Cummins, Tony Elliott, Justin Grant, C.J. Leary, Brady Short & Kevin Thomas

4-Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou, Jack Hewitt, Levi Jones, Kelly Kinser & Logan Seavey

3-Daron Clayton, Jerry Coons Jr., Tracy Hines, & Hunter Schuerenberg

2-Chuck Amati, Kevin Doty, Tim Gee, Rick Hood, Bud Kaeding, Thomas Meseraull, Chase Stockon & Chris Windom

1-A.J. Anderson, Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland Jr., Chad Boat, Shane Cottle, Derek Davidson, Cary Faas, Aaron Farney, Blake Fitzpatrick, Brad Fox, Dickie Gaines, Damion Gardner, Tray House, Bob Kinser, Mike Mann, Brad Marvel, Mat Neely, Terry Pletch, Casey Riggs, Bill Rose, Carson Short, Mickey Smith, Brad Sweet, Tanner Thorson, Brian Tyler & Cole Whitt



1988: Randy Kinser, 1989: Chuck Amati, 1990: Chuck Amati & Gary Trammell, 1991: Bob Kinser, 1992: Kevin Thomas, 1993: Kevin Thomas, 1994: Kelly Kinser, 1995: Kevin Thomas, 1996: Kevin Thomas, 1997: J.J. Yeley, 1998: Dave Darland, 1999: Tony Elliott, 2000: Jay Drake, 2001: Dave Darland, 2002: Cory Kruseman, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Levi Jones, 2005: Cory Kruseman, 2006: Jon Stanbrough, 2007: Dave Darland, 2008: Levi Jones, 2009: Levi Jones, 2010: Jon Stanbrough, 2011: Chris Windom, 2012: Levi Jones, 2013: Bryan Clauson, 2014: Bryan Clauson, 2015: Robert Ballou, 2016: Brady Bacon, 2017: Kevin Thomas Jr., 2018: Chris Windom, 2019: C.J. Leary, 2020: Chase Stockon, 2021: Kevin Thomas Jr.



66-Dave Darland

51-Jon Stanbrough

45-Levi Jones

33-Tony Elliott & Chris Windom

32-Brady Bacon

31-J.J. Yeley

30-Kevin Thomas Jr.

29-Bryan Clauson

25-Cory Kruseman

23-Robert Ballou

22-Shane Cottle, Justin Grant & Kevin Thomas

20-Jerry Coons Jr.

19-Jay Drake, Tracy Hines, C.J. Leary & Chase Stockon

15-Brady Short

14-Kevin Briscoe, Bill Rose & Hunter Schuerenberg

13-Tyler Courtney, Kyle Cummins & Bud Kaeding

10-Jack Hewitt & Randy Kinser

9-Derek Davidson & Danny Smith

8-Damion Gardner, Brian Hayden, Bob Kinser, Kelly Kinser & Thomas Meseraull

7-Kevin Doty, Tim Gee, Darren Hagen, Tray House, Terry Pletch & Josh Wise

6-Chuck Amati, Chad Boespflug, Daron Clayton, Dickie Gaines, Mat Neely, Terry Shepherd, Brian Tyler, Scotty Weir & Cole Whitt

5-A.J. Anderson, Chad Boat, Jason McDougal, Joe Roush & Logan Seavey

4-Mike Mann, Carson Short, Brad Sweet & Tanner Thorson

3-Jeff Bland Jr., Bobby East, Aaron Farney, Jesse Hockett, Rick Hood, Kevin Huntley, Tony Jarrett, Dustin Morgan, Robbie Rice, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Gary Trammell & Jeff Walker

2-Brent Beauchamp, Christopher Bell, Larry Bland, Tom Chalk, Blake Fitzpatrick, Brad Fox, Jeff Gordon, Coleman Gulick, Kurt Hawkins, Justin Marvel, Rusty McClure, Dave Peperak, Boston Reid, Casey Riggs, Jon Sciscoe, John Scott, Jeremy Sherman, Eric Shively, Casey Shuman, Mike Spencer & Jake Swanson

1- Garrett Aitken, Jarett Andretti, Chris Beaver, Ryan Bernal, Keith Bloom Jr., Mike Bowling, Kent Christian, Hud Cone, Troy Cline, Mike English, Cary Faas, Gary Fisher, Josh Ford, Russ Gamester, Dink Glidden, Eric Gordon, Richard Griffin, Jonathan Hendrick, Josh Hodges, Blake Hollingsworth, Shane Hollingsworth, Danny Holtsclaw, A.J. Hopkins, Kasey Kahne, Doug Kalitta, Todd Kane, Todd Kelley, Mike Kirby, Frankie Kerr, Chris LaFollette, Troy Link, Brad Marvel, Brandon Mattox, Wes McIntyre, Joe Miller, Brandon Petty, Joey Saldana, Derek Scheffel, Stephen Schnapf, Todd Shields, Jimmy Sills, Mickey Smith, Greg Staab, Steve Surniak, Tyler Thomas, Lee Underwood, Rick Ungar, Jonathan Vennard, Mike Ward, Matt Westfall, Rip Williams & Greg Wilson



97-Dave Darland

74-Jon Stanbrough

66-Levi Jones

59-Chris Windom

53-Brady Bacon

49-Robert Ballou

47-Shane Cottle

46-Jerry Coons Jr.

45-Bryan Clauson

43-Cory Kruseman & Kevin Thomas Jr.

42-Tracy Hines

41-Justin Grant

40-J.J. Yeley

39-Tony Elliott & Chase Stockon

34-C.J. Leary

31-Jay Drake

30-Brady Short

25-Kyle Cummins

24-Hunter Schuerenberg

21-Tyler Courtney, Damion Gardner, Bud Kaeding & Bill Rose

20-Kevin Thomas

19-Chad Boespflug

17-Kevin Briscoe

16-Derek Davidson, Darren Hagen, Brian Hayden & Scotty Weir

15-Thomas Meseraull

14-Dickie Gaines

13-Daron Clayton, Carson Short & Josh Wise

12-Kevin Doty

11-Mat Neely, Terry Pletch, Brad Sweet & Cole Whitt

10-Logan Seavey

9-A.J. Anderson, Jack Hewitt, Josh Hodges & Jason McDougal

8-Jarett Andretti & Jeff Bland Jr.

7-Chad Boat, Bobby East, Blake Fitzpatrick, Coleman Gulick, Todd Kane, Justin Marvel, Boston Reid, Casey Shuman & Brian Tyler

6-Kent Christian, Troy Cline, Eric Shively, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. & Tanner Thorson

5-Brent Beauchamp, Christopher Bell, Shane Hollingsworth, Tony Jarrett, Dustin Morgan, Jadon Rogers, Jeremy Sherman & Mike Spencer

4-Hud Cone, Aaron Farney, Jesse Hockett, A.J. Hopkins, Critter Malone, Wes McIntyre, Brandon Petty, Robbie Rice, Brody Roa, Jimmy Sills, Jake Swanson, Matt Westfall & John Wolfe

3-A.J. Anderson, Josh Ford, Brad Fox, Eric Gordon, Richard Griffin, Jonathan Hendrick, Dakota Jackson, Rusty McClure, Casey Riggs, Derek Scheffel, Jon Sciscoe, Neil Shepherd & Steve Surniak

2-Ryan Bernal, Eric Burns, Kenny Carmichael, Henry Clarke, Charles Davis Jr., Mike English, Danny Holtsclaw, Kasey Kahne, Mike Kirby, Jason Knoke, Chris LaFollette, Mike Mann, Brad Marvel, Brandon Mattox, Max McGhee, Kevin Miller, Tim Montgomery, Billy Puterbaugh Jr., Kendall Ruble, Stephen Schnapf, John Scott, Tim Spindler, Kevin Swindell, Tyler Thomas, Richard Vander Weerd & Jeff Wilson

1-Max Adams Garrett Aitken, Chris Beaver, Kevin Besecker, Keith Bloom Jr., Timmy Buckwalter, Brett Burdette, Mark Cassella, Mark Clark, Shane Cockrum, Chris Coers, Tim Cox, Zach Daum, Cary Faas, Nic Faas, Russ Gamester, Kurt Gross, Tom Hessert III, Tray House, J.J. Hughes, Kevin Huntley, Logan Jarrett, Marc Jessup, Chase Johnson, Doug Kalitta, Joey Kerr, Jimmy Light, Jason McCord, Tye Mihocko, Matt Mitchell, Vince Osman, Richard Ott, Dave Peperak, Davey Ray, Jason Robbins, Kyle Robbins, Eric Roberts, Joe Roush, Alex Shanks, Corey Smith, Dustin Smith, Stevie Sussex, Lee Underwood, Jonathan Vennard, Danny Williams Jr., Rip Williams, Greg Wilson & Kyle Wissmiller



431-Dave Darland

413-Jon Stanbrough

276-Cory Kruseman

216-Kevin Thomas Jr.

187-J.J. Yeley

176-Jay Drake

173-Bryan Clauson & C.J. Leary

159-Brady Bacon

148-Chris Windom

146-Robert Ballou

124-Levi Jones

121-Tracy Hines

103-Hunter Schuerenberg

101-Tyler Courtney

98-Kevin Briscoe

97-Brady Short

95-Justin Grant

94-Jerry Coons Jr. & Logan Seavey

83-Kyle Cummins

82-Jack Hewitt

80-Chase Stockon

76-Tony Elliott

68-Daron Clayton & Thomas Meseraull

57-Bud Kaeding

52-Brad Sweet

50-Derek Davidson

49-Shane Cottle

43-Cole Whitt

42-Chad Boespflug

38-Carson Short

36-Damion Gardner

35-Aaron Farney & Dickie Gaines

33-Josh Wise

30-Chad Boat & Brad Marvel

29-Bill Rose

26-Robbie Rice, Stephen Schnapf & Scotty Weir

25-Brad Fox

24-John Memmer

23-Cary Faas, Brandon Petty & Jake Swanson

22-Darren Hagen, & Brian Tyler

21-A.J. Anderson, Brent Beauchamp & Eric Shively

20-Kevin Doty

18-Boston Reid

16-Justin Marvel & Casey Riggs

14-Mike Mann & Wes McIntyre

13-Jeff Bland Jr.

12-Christopher Bell

11-Bobby Stines

10-Brian Hayden & Jason McDougal

9-Kevin Thomas

8-Mat Neely & Jimmy Sills

6-Jarett Andretti, Cole Bodine, Terry Pletch & Dustin Smith

5-John Wolfe

4-Kent Christian, Blake Fitzpatrick & Derek Scheffel

3-Keith Bloom Jr., Rickie Gaunt & Tanner Thorson

1-Jesse Hockett, Logan Jarrett, Rusty McClure, Dustin Morgan, Jeremy Sherman & Jonathan Vennard



31-Dave Darland

30-Jon Stanbrough

26-Shane Cottle

25-Robert Ballou

19-Brady Bacon & Cory Kruseman

18-Chris Windom

17-Brady Short

14-C.J. Leary

13-Jerry Coons Jr.

12-Tyler Courtney, Tony Elliott, Tracy Hines & Thomas Meseraull

11-Chad Boespflug, Levi Jones & J.J. Yeley

10-Bryan Clauson, Kyle Cummins, Justin Grant & Chase Stockon

9-Hunter Schuerenberg, & Kevin Thomas Jr.

8-Kent Christian, Jay Drake, Carson Short & Kevin Thomas

7-Kenny Carmichael, Damion Gardner & Terry Pletch

6-Kevin Briscoe, Dickie Gaines, Darren Hagen & Scotty Weir

5-Blake Fitzpatrick, Josh Hodges, Shane Hollingsworth, Bud Kaeding, Mat Neely, Brandon Petty, Bill Rose, Eric Shively, Mike Spencer & Brian Tyler

4-Daron Clayton, Hud Cone, Brian Hayden, Danny Holtsclaw, Logan Jarrett, Jason McDougal, Corey Smith, Matt Westfall, Cole Whitt & Mitch Wissmiller

3-A.J. Anderson, Jarett Andretti, Brad Fox, Jack Hewitt, Mike Kirby, Justin Marvel, Brandon Mattox, Wes McIntyre, Boston Reid, Derek Scheffel, John Scott, Casey Shuman, Dustin Smith, Brad Sweet & Tanner Thorson

2-Brent Beauchamp, Jeff Bland Jr., Troy Cline, Tim Cox, Derek Davidson, Charles Davis Jr., Kris Deckard, Bobby East, Aaron Farney, Josh Ford, Richard Griffin, Coleman Gulick, Tray House, Dakota Jackson, Todd Kane, Mike Mann, Bret Mellenberndt, Dustin Morgan, Casey Riggs, Brody Roa, Stephen Schnapf, Logan Seavey, Alex Shanks, Jake Swanson, Kody Swanson, Greg Wilson, Josh Wise & Kyle Wissmiller

1-Max Adams, Rodney Argo, Chris Beaver, Ryan Bernal, Nick Bilbee, Keith Bloom Jr., Cole Bodine, Eric Burns, Josh Burton, Mark Cassella, Isaac Chapple, Roger Chaudion, Dustin Christie, Henry Clarke, Anthony D’Alessio, Ron Dennis, Kevin Doty, Cary Faas, Jared Fox, Brian Gerster, Travis Gregg, Bart Grider, Kurt Gross, Chris Gurley, Chayse Hayhurst, Tom Hessert III, Jesse Hockett, A.J. Hopkins, J.J. Hughes, Marc Jessup, Chase Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Joey Kerr, Jordan Kinser, Jason Knoke, Critter Malone, Brad Marvel, Rusty McClure, Max McGhee, John Memmer, Tye Mihocko, Jerry Miller Jr., Kevin Miller, Jim Moughan, Derek O'Dell, Ande Possman, Michael Pickens, Robbie Rice, Kyle Robbins, Joe Roush, Bryan Ruble, Jon Sciscoe, Jason Setser, Neil Shepherd, Jimmy Sills, Landon Simon, Tim Spindler, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Greg Stephens, Gary Taylor, Tyler Thomas, Michael Trimble, Richard Vander Weerd, Jonathan Vennard, Ricky Williams & John Wolfe



12-Dave Darland

9-Justin Grant

8-Brady Bacon & Levi Jones

7-Tracy Hines, Jon Stanbrough, Kevin Thomas Jr. & J.J. Yeley

6-Daron Clayton & Richard Griffin

5-Bryan Clauson, Jerry Coons Jr., Tony Elliott & Hunter Schuerenberg

4-Tyler Courtney, Jay Drake & C.J. Leary

3-Cory Kruseman, Carson Short, Chase Stockon, Brad Sweet & Josh Wise

2-Robert Ballou, Brent Beauchamp, Chad Boat, Chad Boespflug, Justin Marvel, Kevin Miller, Brandon Petty, Boston Reid, Logan Seavey, Tanner Thorson & Scotty Weir

1- Nick Bilbee, Keith Bloom Jr., Kevin Briscoe, Mark Cassella, Shane Cottle, Derek Davidson, Kevin Doty, Bobby East, Nic Faas, Blake Fitzpatrick, Brayden Fox, Jared Fox, Damion Gardner, Rickie Gaunt, Darren Hagen, Jonathan Hendrick, Josh Hodges, Ray Kenens, Dustin Morgan, Mat Neely, Ande Possman, Jadon Rogers, Bill Rose, Neil Shepherd, Jeremy Sherman, Jimmy Sills, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Kevin Thomas, Shawn Westerfeld, Rip Williams, Chris Windom, Mitch Wissmiller & John Wolfe



155-Dave Darland

119-Jon Stanbrough

96-Jerry Coons Jr.

88-Chris Windom

86-Shane Cottle & Tracy Hines

85-Robert Ballou

84-Levi Jones

70-Brady Bacon & Kevin Thomas Jr.

66-Chase Stockon

65-Cory Kruseman

62-Justin Grant & Hunter Schuerenberg

61-C.J. Leary

60-Brady Short

58-Tony Elliott

56-Bryan Clauson

53-Chad Boespflug, Damion Gardner & Thomas Meseraull

50-J.J. Yeley

49-Kyle Cummins

47-Jay Drake & Scotty Weir

41-Darren Hagen

40-Tyler Courtney

39-Bill Rose

37-Bud Kaeding

36-Daron Clayton

34-Derek Davidson

33-Jarett Andretti

32-Kevin Briscoe

31-Brian Hayden

30-A.J. Anderson & Carson Short

28-Kent Christian, Dickie Gaines & Justin Marvel

27-Josh Hodges & Kevin Thomas

25-Mat Neely & Brandon Petty

24-Josh Wise

23-Terry Pletch & Casey Shuman

22-Jeff Bland Jr. & Brian Tyler

21-Brent Beauchamp, Isaac Chapple, Jack Hewitt, Mike Spencer & Brad Sweet

19-Brandon Mattox, Derek Scheffel & Cole Whitt

18-Blake Fitzpatrick & Matt Westfall

17-Kevin Doty, Aaron Farney & Jason McDougal

16-Hud Cone, Bobby East, Shane Hollingsworth, Critter Malone, Dustin Morgan & Brody Roa

15-Dustin Smith & Tyler Thomas

14-Henry Clarke, Jesse Hockett, Dakota Jackson, Wes McIntyre & Eric Shively

13-Chad Boat, Troy Cline, Coleman Gulick, A.J. Hopkins, Jake Swanson & Richard Vander Weerd

12-Logan Jarrett, Robbie Rice, Logan Seavey & Jonathan Vennard

11-Ryan Bernal, Josh Ford, Eric Gordon, Tony Jarrett, Todd Kane, Mike Mann, Jadon Rogers & Corey Smith

10-Max Adams, Eric Burns, Kenny Carmichael, Charles Davis Jr., Jonathan Hendrick, Boston Reid, Kyle Robbins, John Scott, Tim Spindler, Kyle Wissmiller & John Wolfe

9-Tom Hessert III, Danny Holtsclaw, Kevin Miller, Matt Mitchell, Steve Surniak & Kody Swanson

8-Shane Cockrum, Richard Griffin, Chase Johnson, Mike Kirby, Jimmy Laser, Dave Peperak, Billy Puterbaugh Jr., Casey Riggs, Jeremy Sherman, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. & Kevin Swindell

7-Timmy Buckwalter, Tim Cox, Andrew Elson, Brad Fox, J.J. Hughes, Jason Knoke, Rusty McClure, Max McGhee, Joe Roush, Neil Shepherd, Josh Spencer, Tanner Thorson, Jace Vander Weerd & Mitch Wissmiller

6-Christopher Bell, Cole Bodine, Tony DiMattia, Jared Fox, Marc Jessup, Ryan Pace, Jason Robbins, Troy Rutherford, Jimmy Sills, Stevie Sussex & Michael Trimble

5-Keith Bloom Jr., Clinton Boyles, Cary Faas, Chris Gurley, Shane Hmiel, Jordan Kinser, Jon Sciscoe, Brian VanMeveren & Ricky Williams

4-Caleb Armstrong, Nick Bilbee, Dustin Clark, Mario Clouser, Rickie Gaunt, Bart Grider, Ted Hines, Tye Mihocko, Aaron Mosley, Kent Schmidt, Stephen Schnapf, Landon Simon, Mark Smith, Gus Wasson & Greg Wilson

3-Chris Beaver, Mike Boat, Donny Brackett, Chase Briscoe, Brett Burdette, Michael Burthay, Zach Daum, Mike English, A.J. Fike, Kurt Gross, Kasey Kahne, Brad Kuhn, Brad Marvel, Jason McCord, Cannon McIntosh, Nate McMillin, Bret Mellenberndt, John Memmer, Jeff O’Banion, Richard Ott, Ande Possman, Davey Ray, Kendall Ruble, Alex Shanks, Eddie Tafoya Jr., Gary Taylor, Danny Williams Jr., Rip Williams & Jeff Wilson

2-Rodney Argo, Ethan Barrow, Donnie Beechler, Robert Bell, Kevin Besecker, Greg Bragg, Mark Cassella, Roger Chaudion, Mark Clark, Braydon Cromwell, Kris Deckard, Ty Deckard, Ron Dennis, Gregg Dillion, Nic Faas, Russ Gamester, Chris Gansen, Aric Gentry, Travis Gregg, Max Guilford, Tom Harris, Rick Hayden, Tray House, Kevin Huntley, Cole Ketcham, Sheldon Kinser Jr., Chris LaFollette, Jimmy Light, Zach Martini, Joss Moffatt, Tim Montgomery, Derek O’Dell, Scott Orr, Tony Ploughe, Davey Pombo, Terry Richards, Eric Roberts, Bryan Ruble, Bryan Stanfill, Dave Steele, Greg Stephens, Leon Thickstun & Shawn Westerfeld

1-Garrett Abrams, Nick Adams, Garrett Aitken, Marc Arnold, Chris Babcock, Koby Barksdale, Dean Billings, J.C. Bland, Steve Buckwalter, Wyatt Burks, Josh Burton, Cole Carter, Kevin Chambers, Rob Chaney, Chris Coers, Colten Cottle, Jesse Cramer, Buddy Cunningham, Anthony D’Alessio, Eric Davis, Mitchell Davis, J.R. Douglas, Nick Drake, Brian Gerster, Dennis Gile, Matt Goodnight, Russ Harper, Jared Harris, Ed Hassler, Kurt Hawkins, Chayse Hayhurst, Zane Hendricks, Jordan Hermansader, Gary Howard, Chris Hoyer, Logan Hupp, Sammy Imel, Dustin Ingle, R.J. Johnson, Chase Jones, Tony Jones, Doug Kalitta, Ryan Kaplan, Brian Karraker, Tyler Kendall, Ray Kenens, Joey Kerr, Riley Kreisel, David McCreary, Austin Mero, Jerry Miller Jr., Ray Morgan, Jim Moughan, Nick Naber, Wil Newlin, Paul Nienhiser, Vince Osman, Steve Ott, Seth Parker, Mark Perry III, Chris Phillips, Michael Pickens, Bart Pletch, Brett Pool, Zack Pretorius, Travis Rilat, Charlie Sarver, Jason Setser, Danny Sheridan, Jake Simmons, Bobby Smith, Eric Smith, Brandon Spencer, J.T. Stapp, Bobby Stines, Joe Stornetta, Lee Underwood, Chris Urish, Chet Williams & Rick Ziehl