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Silver Crown
Thursday, 5 March 2009

RACING ELECTRONICS"Legend" Exclusively to USAC

The popular RACING ELECTRONICS one way scanner units used throughout the motorsports world are now available at
These units, designed for drivers, offer an affordable one way communication system so the driver can hear transmissions from the control tower during a race. The scanners are defaulted to USAC's driver frequency of 464.5500. The RACING ELECTRONICS notifies drivers of cautions, restart lineups and driver positioning, ultimately making race programs run more safely and more efficiently.
This new updated unit has a new feature not offered any where but USAC. The USAC driver frequency comes hard coded, and when the battery is replaced the frequency is automatically reset to USAC.
These same units may be used by USAC fans as well to hear what's going on throughout any USAC race. As an added bonus the RACING ELECTRONICS one way scanner is scannable and serves as the optimal *NASCAR and IRL scanner when attending these others sanctioning bodies' races.
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