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Thursday, 17 October 2013

2013 USAC Developmental Showcase of Champions


We would like to invite everyone to join us Saturday, December 14th for the 2013 USAC Developmental Showcase of Champions.

Please note dinner will be served at the event. Please take the time to select your dinner option.


We will be honoring the top three finishers in each .25 midget regional series during the 2013 season. Those include: Eastern Championship, Western Championship, Northeast Regional Series, and the East Coast Regional Series.

We will also be honoring the top five finishers in each class during the 2013 Honda USAC .25 Midget Dirt Triple Crown Series presented by Pensyl Enterprises.

Top five finishers in each class during the 2013 Honda USAC .25 Midget Pavement National Championship will also be honored. 

Top three finishers in each HDP Ignite Midget Series will also be honored. Those include: Midwest Dirt, Midwest Pavement, Western Pavement, Western Dirt, Washington, Western Overall, and Eastern.

The champions of each HPD Ignite midget series will be recognised at the USAC Night of Champions award banquet Friday December 13. Details will be sent out to those being recognized in the coming weeks.

The following .25 midget national champions will also be recognised Friday night at USAC's Night of Champions: Justin Oplinger (Pavement Junior Honda), Famous Rhodes (Pavement Senior Honda), Brandon Grosso (Pavement Heavy Honda), Carson Hocevar (Pavement Light 160, Light AA) Tyler Ankrum (Pavement Heavy 160, Senior Animal, Light World Formula, Heavy AA), Chase Randall (Pavement Junior Animal), Todd Gilliland (Pavement Heavy World Formula), Andrew Molleur (Pavement Light Mod), Jake Nelke (Pavement Unrestricted Animal), Steven Snyder Jr. (Dirt Junior Honda, Junior Animal), Briggs Danner (Dirt Senior Honda, Light World Formula), Brittany Erlsten (Dirt Heavy Honda, Heavy World Formula), Andrew Layser (Dirt Ligtht 160), Hanna Flood (Dirt Heavy 160), Kenny Miller (Dirt Senior Animal), Calvin Carroll (Dirt Light Mod).