Thursday, 31 March 2011


Issued April 1, 2011, Effective April 4, 2011
Amendment to 2011 USAC National .25 Midget Rule Book
Appendix I, Section 703 (G) Ballast/Weights:
Add #5 Any added ballast must be securely bolted and lie entirely within the limits no more
than 16" measured at furthest point of ballast to inside R/H lower frame rail. The R/H lower rail
will be the furthest tube on Right side of car. Any alteration to chassis that is not within the
spirit or intent of this rule may be disallowed.  


Chassis Hip Bar Specifications

Hip bar extensions are intended for improved driver comfort and
safety,not a means for additional ballast. Hip bars may be made to the
following dimensions. They may not extend any further then 5"from
outside of lh lower main frame rail to outside of hip bar. It can be no
longer then 25" at its furthest point. It can be no taller then 9" from
bottom of main frame rail to top of hip bar. Can have 2 vertical and 2
horizontal tubes of 3/4od and 0.58 maximum wall thickness. Must have 2
holes 1/8 diam. in each tube. Sheet metal can be used to fill this
panel on the bottom only, max thickness .040