Wednesday, 2 February 2011




Machine Tools Supply, servicing aerospace, automotive, medical, recreational, shipbuilding and fluid control industries, has signed on as the title sponsor of the 2011 USAC Mopar .25 Midget “Southwest Series” which opens March 11-13 in Phoenix, Ariz. and continues with events in Albuquerque, N.M. and San Bernardino, Calif.

Founded in 1987 and located in Costa Mesa, California, Machine Tools Supply maintains warehouses, corporate offices and a team of dedicated professionals to serve its growing customer base throughout the United States. They currently market to numerous industrial manufacturers, both large and small, offering perishable cutting tools, abrasives and measuring equipment and specializing in procurement and inventory control.


To be eligible for points, USAC’s Mopar .25 Midget participants must compete in all three designated “Southwest Series” events. Following the March 11-13 Phoenix event are the April 29-May 1 “Road Runner High Desert Classic” in Albuquerque and the May 6-8 “Western District Qualifier” at the Orange Show in San Bernardino.


"USAC's presence in the southwest continues to grow and we’re very thankful for Machine Tools Supply stepping up to help our racers in the region," states USAC Developmental Director James Spink. "This will be a very exciting series and mirrors what we are doing for our racers in the Mid Atlantic for 2011."


”MTS is proud to support the growth of the West Coast Mopar Midget series Development program,” says George Ponce, President of Machine Tools Supply. “Being part of this important series allows our West Coast junior racers to develop their skills and compete for the National title, all with the support and encouragement of MTS.”


Machine Tools Supply is dedicated to deliver first-class business solutions to its customers through superior products and top-notch customer service. They strive for "total customer satisfaction" by partnering with their customers as problem solver, innovator and cost saver. Their ultimate goal is to improve processes while performing at the lowest total cost level. With this in mind, the Autocrib Automated Tool Dispensing and Inventory Control System was conceived.


In 1994, one of the co-founders, Stephen Pixley, realized that combining tools with vending machines as tool dispensers would solve a multitude of challenges manufacturers faced: excessive tool usage, accountability, inventory management, loss prevention, stock outs and data collection. The initial vending machine concept grew into an entire system of software and dispensing systems to include; automated lockers and cabinets, stand-alone robotic tool cribs and hand held scanners. Eventually, a new corporation, Autocrib, Inc. was formed solely to concentrate on the future development of the inventory control software and dispensing systems. The Autocrib system is recognized as the most innovative and versatile on the market today.


Machine Tools Supply utilizes the Autocrib Automated Inventory Control System to manage some of the largest installations in the world of dispensing and inventory control systems for perishable and non-perishable tooling, safety supplies, MRO supplies and other indirect materials. These services are provided with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT from the customers.


Recently, Machine Tools Supply formed a "National Accounts Division" to target larger business entities with multiple locations throughout the United States. The combined knowledge and experience of Machine Tools Supply and Autocrib, has enabled them to formulate unique and proprietary inventory management solutions to drastically reduce total overall procurement and inventory costs.


They continue to work closely with Autocrib, Inc. to bring new products to market in an ongoing effort to improve processes on their customers' behalf. For more info on Machine Tools Supply visit their website at