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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Briggs & Stratton Racing unveils Wanted

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For Immediate Release:


Briggs & Stratton Racing
unveils Wanted, an all-new 2011 206 and M-series track promotion


& Stratton Racing is proud to announce a new support program geared
specifically for local tracks and clubs. 
Wanted allows sanctioned tracks running a new Junior/Local 206
or M-series engine for the first-time in 2011 the opportunity to claim a great
year-end banquet prize.  Sanctioned
tracks that meet full eligibility and class requirements can submit original,
domestic receipts from 206 or M-series engine purchases made after 10/1/10 for
a pressure washer valued at $450 or a whisper, quiet invertor generator valued
around $700.  


is about supporting our local tracks,” states David Klaus, Director-Briggs
& Stratton Racing.  “The 206
and M-series platforms are the result of listening and responding to the needs
of our racers and the tracks. 
These engines are aimed at giving racers and tracks a cost-effective
solution that is factory supported, hand-built with flexibility and ease in
mind.  If we can improve the health
of our racing infrastructure by bringing more racers to the track through leveling
the playing field and lowering the cost to compete, we ALL win.”


The local 206 sealed engine
platform first came into the market in 2008 as a new approach to
cost-effective, out-of-the-box racing. 
Hand-built for verified repeatability, the 206 crate engine platform
uses technology, manufacturing, and a factory supported rule set to keep the
playing field level and operating costs low.  Building from the 206 pedigree, the Junior 206 was released
in 2009 under the same premise, to lower the cost for families just getting
into racing.  Not only is the
initial cost reduced, but an ignition module and carburetor slide change allows
tracks and racers unlimited performance levels as they advance in racing.


The M-series shares many of the
same attributes as the 206 platform such as a single RT-1 head casting, ground
cam, digital ignition system with built-in rev limiter, controlled piston
pop-up, along with additional changes in response to the need of our quarter
midget racers.  A splined
crankshaft is factory installed to mate directly to the 555722 factory gearbox.  The engine control cover is modified to
better fit today’s cars.  Lastly,
the initial ignition module start-up programming has been customized for easy
starting in the shortest of hot shoots.


details, rules, and entry form will be available shortly at




David Klaus – Director, Briggs & Stratton Racing

3300 Nth. 124th Street Wauwatosa, WI  53224

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

F – 414 259 5684 P – 414 479 1209