Tuesday, 5 May 2009

On-Board Camera Policy Clarification

On-Board Camera Policy Clarification

Effective immediately, USAC will allow the use of on-board cameras in all regional and developmental series divisions with the following caveats:

1. All images produced must be intended for entertainment or promotional use only. The camera may not capture images of any moving parts of the car on which it is mounted in manner that would constitute a method of data acquisition.

2. On-board cameras must be self contained and designed to function only as a camera and not in any other capacity. Cameras cannot be capable of transferring or downloading images or other information to any other device while mounted on the car and the car is in motion.

3. The camera must be securely mounted in a manner that will not compromise the safety of the driver, other drivers and participants, and the general public.

4. Since USAC has no control over the production methods, authenticity, or accuracy of images from outside sources, only images from sources specifically commissioned and previously approved by USAC will be considered when evaluating racing incidents and procedures.

5. The presiding USAC officials will be responsible for interpreting and enforcing these rules and any questions at the track should be directed to them. If you have questions before hand, please contact James Spink at the number below.

James M Spink
United States Auto Club
Director - Developmental Series
p -317-247-5151 ext 220