Saturday, 27 August 2011




Irwindale, CA……..Brodie Kostecki of Roseville, Calif. won both the USAC Western Ford Focus and Focus Young Guns features Saturday nighyt at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. He passed Brandon White on lap 15 of the Ford Focus race and led the final 11 laps to win the 25-lapper over Jessica Clark, fast qualifier Paul Graham, White and Jarid Blondel, who led the opening lap. Kostecki then proceeded to lead all 20 laps to win the Focus Young Guns feature over fast qualifier Trevor Hunt, Christine Breckenridge and Ricky Bowers.


USAC WESTERN/PAVEMENT/SOUTH FORD FOCUS RACE RESULTS: August 27, 2011 – Irwindale, California – Toyota Speedway at Irwindale


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Paul Graham, 24, Sutton-14.510; 2. Brandon White, 9, Sutton-14.563; 3. Ricky Bowers, 42, Sutton-14.574; 4. Jarid Blondel, 60, Blondel-14.610; 5. Jessica Clark, 44, Clark-14.639; 6. Shawn Buckley, 7, Buckley-14.643; 7. Brodie Kostecki, 40, Western Speed-14.651.


HEAT RACE: (8 laps) 1. Kostecki, 2. Clark, 3. Blondel, 4. Graham, 5. Bowers, 6. White, 7. Buckley. NT


FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Brodie Kostecki, 2. Jessica Clark, 3. Paul Graham, 4. Brandon White, 5. Jarid Blondel, ‘6. Ricky Bowers. (NOTE: Shawn Buckley’s car disqualified for failing to pass post-race tech inspection after finishing third.)


**Buckley flipped during the heat race.


FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Blondel, Laps 2-14 White, Laps 15-25 Kostecki.


NEW WESTERN FORD FOCUS POINTS: 1-Kostecki-785; 2-Jim Waters-748; 3-Clark-725; 4-Blondel-691; 5-Wally Pankratz-665; 6-Tyler Dolacki-655; 7-Chuck Groat-618; 8-Daniel Williams-594; 9-Austin Luttmer-577; 10-White-550.


NEXT WESTERN FORD FOCUS RACE: September 3 – Salt Lake City, UT – Rocky Mountain Raceways




USAC WESTERN/PAVEMENT/SOUTH FOCUS YOUNG GUNS RACE RESULTS: August 27, 2011 – Irwindale, California – Toyota Speedway at Irwindale


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Trevor Hunt, 11, Sutton-14.838; 2. Brodie Kostecki, 40, Western Speed-14.936; 3. Ricky Bowers, 42, Sutton-14.987; 4. Christine Breckenridge, 26, Breckenridge-15.283; 5. Marina Turner, 98T, Turner-16.367.


FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Brodie Kostecki, 2. Trevor Hunt, 3. Christine Breckenridge, 4. Ricky Bowers. NT



FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-20 Kostecki.


NEW WESTERN FOCUS YOUNG GUNS POINTS: 1-Trevor Hunt-569; 2-Brodie Kostecki-569; 3-Parker FColston-516; 4-Cole Custer-461; 5-Breckenridge-453; 6-James Eden-399; 7-Katlyn Leer-380; 8-Keegan Walmer-320; 9-Bowers-300; 10-Brandon White-264.


NEXT WESTERN FOCUS YOUNG GUNS RACE: September 10 – Bakersfield (Calif.) Speedway