Sunday, 11 September 2011




Roseville, CA……..Brodie Kostecki of Roseville, Calif. scored a “clean sweep” of the USAC races at his home track, All American Speedway, on Saturday night. He took the lead on lap 35 in both of two USAC Western Ford Focus features and led the rest of the way, then passed Keegan Walmer for the lead on lap eight of the 20-lap Focus Young Guns race and went on to win that as well! In the first Ford Focus main he passed Walmer on lap 35 and finished ahead of Walmer, Garrett Peterson, James Edens and Tanner Long. In the second Ford Focus race Sheldon Didinger led for 10 laps, then Edens led for 24 before yielding to Kostecki. Peterson, Walmer, Long and Edens rounded out the “top-five.” In the Focus Young Guns feature Trevor Hunt finished second ahead of Edens, Walmer and Didinger. Oh yeah, Kostecki was the fastest qualifier for each series as well and won the Ford Focus heat and the Focus Young Guns Dash!

USAC WESTERN PAVEMENT/NORTH FORD FOCUS RACE RESULTS: September 10, 2011 – Roseville, California – All American Speedway


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Brodie Kostecki, 40, Western Speed-13.604; 2. Garrett Peterson, 31, Peterson-13.652; 3. Keegan Walmer, 3, Sutton-13.693; 4. James Edens, 8, Sutton-13.739; 5. Jessica Clark, 44, Clark-13.739; 6. Tanner Long, 9, Sutton-13.784; 7. Sheldon Didinger, 42, Sutton-14.004; 8. Elliott Lampkin, 68, Lampkin-14.122.


HEAT RACE: (8 laps) 1. Kostecki, 2. Long, 3. Peterson, 4. Edens, 5. Walmer, 6. Clark, 7. Lampkin, 8. Didinger. NT


FIRST FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Brodie Kostecki, 2. Keegan Walmer, 3. Garrett Peterson, 4. James Edens, 5. Tanner Long, 6. Jessica Clark, 7. Sheldon Didinger, 8. Elliott Lampkin. NT


SECOND FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Brodie Kostecki, 2. Garrett Peterson, 3. Keegan Walmer, 4. Tanner Long, 5. James Edens, 6. Jessica Clark, 7. Elliott Lampkin, 8. Sheldon Didinger. NT



FIRST FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-34 Walmer, Laps 35-40 Kostecki.

SECOND FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-10 Didinger, Laps 11-34 Edens, Laps 35-40 Kostecki.


NEW WESTERN PAVEMENT FORD FOCUS POINTS: 1-Clark-903; 2-Kostecki-745; 3-Brandon White-550; 4-Walmer-539; 5-Peterson-535; 6-Paul Graham-517; 7-Long-474; 8-Edens-439; 9-Alex Jacobsen-351; 10-J.R. Williams-323.

NEW NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FORD FOCUS POINTS: 1-Walmer-539; 2-Peterson-535; 3-Kostecki-530; 4-Clark-480; 5-Long-474; 6-Edens-439; 7-Jim Waters-232; 8-J.R. Williams-224; 9-Didinger-173; 10-Kyle Bailey-162.

NEXT WESTERN FORD FOCUS RACE: September 17 – Madera (CA) Speedway




USAC WESTERN PAVEMENT/NORTH FOCUS YOUNG GUNS RACE RESULTS: September 10, 2011 – Roseville, California – All American Speedway


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Brodie Kostecki, 40, Western Speed-13.879; 2. Keegan Walmer, 3, Sutton-14.214; 3. James Edens, 8, Sutton-14.350; 4. Trevor Hunt, 11, Sutton-14.375; 5. Sheldon Didinger, 42, Sutton-14.633.


DASH: (5 laps) 1. Kostecki, 2. Hunt, 3. Walmer, 4. Didinger, 5. Edens. NT


FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Brodie Kostecki, 2. Trevor Hunt, 3. James Edens, 4. Keegan Walmer, 5. Sheldon Didinger. NT



FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-7 Walmer, Laps 8-20 Kostecki.


NEW WESTERN PAVEMENT YOUNG GUNS SERIES POINTS: 1-Hunt-977; 2-Kostecki-878; 3-Edens-457; 4-Walmer-376; 5-Ricky Bowers-300; 6-Christine Breckenridge-270; 7-Brandon White-264; 8-Marina Turner-213; 9-Didinger-108; 10-Colin Milroy-58.

NEW NORTHERN CALIFORNIA YOUNG GUNS SERIES POINTS: 1-Hunt-508; 2-Edens-457; 3-Kostecki-394; 4-Walmer-376; 5-Christine Breckenridge-159; 6-Didinger-108; 7-Marina Turner-98; 8-Colin Milroy-58; 9-Kyle Bailey-57.


NEXT WESTERN FOCUS YOUNG GUNS RACE: September 17 – Madera (CA) Speedway