Thursday, 25 August 2022


Winner P.J. Stergios (Candia, N.H.) Winner P.J. Stergios (Candia, N.H.)


Seekonk, Massachusetts (August 24, 2022)………P.J. Stergios took the lead early and never looked back during Wednesday night’s 50-lap NEMA Lite / USAC Eastern Midget Special Event Stu Murray Cup race as part of the annual Boston Louie Seymour Memorial night program at Massachusetts’ Seekonk Speedway.

In a race that started with 25 cars, the racing was hot and heavy, and in the final few laps, Stergios was being hounded by Joey Bailey who tried everything to get around.

On the final circuit, Bailey and a lapped car got together, ending his chances.

Stergios went onward to victory and celebrated the win over Randy Cabral, Todd Bertrand, Ben Mikitarian and Dan Cugini in the extra-distance event.




USAC EASTERN SPEED2 MIDGET SPECIAL EVENT RACE RESULTS: August 24, 2022 – Seekonk Speedway – Seekonk, Massachusetts – Stu Murray Cup / Boston Louie Seymour Memorial

FIRST HEAT: 1. 30-Paul Scally, 2. 87-Brady Allum, 3. 5-Dakoda Armstrong, 4. 35-Randy Cabral, 5. 59-Brayden Egan, 6. 48-Todd Bertrand, 7. 3-Chris Vose, 8. 18-David Moniz, 9. 99-Kyle Ferrucci. NT

SECOND HEAT: 1. 47-Hunter Wise, 2. 10-Avery Stoehr, 3. 4-P.J. Stergios, 4. 28-Mike Pernisiglio, 5. 1-Ken Schrader, 6. 17-Kyle Valeri, 7. 24-Alby Ovitt, 8. 94-Tianna Kibbe, 9. 23-Jeremy Utley. NT

THIRD HEAT: 1. 29-Jake Trainor, 2. 9-Ben Mikitarian, 3. 21-Joey Bailey, 4. 51-Dan Cugini, 5. 53-Dylan Coutu, 6. 8-Ethan Dion, 7. 26-Connor Souza, 8. 16-Eric Bacon.

FEATURE: (50 laps) 1. P.J. Stergios, 2. Randy Cabral, 3. Todd Bertrand, 4. Ben Mikitarian, 5. Dan Cugini, 6. Dakoda Armstrong, 7. Kyle Valeri, 8. Jake Trainor, 9. Ken Schrader, 10. Eric Bacon, 11. Mike Pernisiglio, 12. Paul Scally, 13. Brayden Egan, 14. Chris Vose, 15. Joey Bailey, 16. Connor Souza, 17. Tianna Kibbe, 18. Jeremy Utley, 19. Hunter Wise, 20. Avery Stoehr, 21. Dylan Coutu, 22. Ethan Dion, 23. Kyle Ferrucci, 24. Brady Allum, 25. David Moniz. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-2 Avery Stoehr, Laps 3-10 Joey Bailey, Laps 11-50 P.J. Stergios.

NEXT USAC EASTERN SPEED2 MIDGET RACE: September 2, 2022 – Orange County Speedway – Rougemont, North Carolina