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Author Topic: Oskaloosa Iowa track conditions  (Read 5126 times)
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« on: August 10, 2011, 01:07:15 PM »

Hello All,

First time poster here.
Been attending open wheel races for over 35 years. Usually never even bother to post in regards to stuff like this,,but this one is REALLY a downer for anyone remotely involved in USAC,,and sprint car racing.
I do not know for sure who was in charge of track prep at Oskaloosa Iowa on Tues Aug.9th but to say pathetic would be putting in mildly.
I took two "first time to the races" couples along with us,,and they are somewhat straight edeges anyway. i convinced them to go to wingless sprint cars races just to kill the evening. Of course with dust occuring even during hotlaps,,,I am sure that REALLY seemd appealing to them!
Whoever was in fact in charge of seeing that the track was ready to be raceable,,I think should get their heart into racing a little bit more that was exemplified on Aug 9th at Osky.
I was there the night before as well for the Front Row challenge on Aug 8th,,and the track was as fast as feature time,,as it was during time trails,,with three people breaking the track record as a matter of fact.
It almost appears that someone was trying their hardest to wreck the racing for the racing fan(s) at Osky on Tuesday night.
Even a few drivers commented in interviews,,in a decent way the lousy track prep.
As they say first impression is everlasting,,,and obviously,,,taking first time race observers will remeber what a dust eating experience this evening was.
I would say someone in USAC needs to pick up the  pace a little in regards to some efforts in the track,,,management regardless were they are racing.
When I went out and walked the track at 5pm,,before races it was bone dry. I knew a dust bowl was in the cards for this night,,and I'm not all that smart,,,but sure nuff,,I was right.
Enough said.


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