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Author Topic: for the racers  (Read 5565 times)
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« on: September 22, 2009, 10:12:46 PM »

A Business Referral Service

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to join a unique web site that is going to be developed around “Race Team Owners that are Self Employed”. The basic concept is to gather as many businesses and input them into an address page broken down by the type of work they do.

We sincerely believe that if we can develop this web page properly that all of us will refer to this web site whenever they need work completed and therefore it will generate more business for all of us. We also believe that sponsors, crew members and fans will also use this service when they need work completed. The driving force behind this is based upon the fact that Team Owners, Sponsors, Crew Members along with fans are incredibly loyal to businesses that promote racing.

All forms of racing are invited to join. Dirt / Asphalt – Sprint Cars, Late Models, Modified, Minis, Ect. From the East Coast to the West Coast.

In the near future we will be adding a Vendor section with all their information so it will be easier for everyone to find certain parts and easily compare prices.

Some fans have also expressed interest in adding their company information, so we are thinking about having a separate section for them.

We are planning on a store or more like a mall where not only do the vendors have a section but we are also going to have a place where smaller teams can sell their promotional products verses just giving them away at the track.

We are also planning on a classified section along with a page that will offer discounts from vendors along with hopefully discounts for hotels, restaurants and even fuel if possible for all of us who travel.

Other ideas we would like to implement is a design department for those of you who would like to choice from a few basic templates and develop your own web page. We would also like to come up with a few basic designs for tee shirts where all you need to do is select your color, add your name and number along with your sponsors. Our idea is to make it as cost effective as possible.

As far as news we are going to have a few limited amount however we our planning on posting all the links to all the news related racing web sites so you can basically find all of them here without going all over the web hunting.

We also are going to have a section for racers to post their web sites along with all the racing series and hopefully as many tracks as possible with their phone numbers and addresses for all of us who travels and forget to print out the directions.

This web page is being designed to help all race teams by getting them more business, helping them find parts, sell their extra parts, find discounts and even help with web pages and tee shirts.

It cost nothing to join. Just visit www.TheRacersPage.com and click on the bottom and fill out your information.

Our first priority is to get as many business to join as possible then everything will fall in place. If you have any question please feel to go to the contact page and email us.

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