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Author Topic: Respect the kids...PLZ!  (Read 3779 times)
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« on: October 20, 2012, 02:25:41 PM »

As a parent of a qm driver, I understand fully how easy it is to become upset with your kid when things dont go the way you hoped or wanted them too. DEMEAN your kid in front of others, including their fellow drivers, making them cry and smacking them because in YOUR eyes they didn't do "good enough" is VERY disturbing to others. And you screaming at YOUR kid....affects my kid too when they start asking questions as to why his/her mom and dad is yelling at them for not winning or not "doing good enough".  I know that every sport is competitive....and I totally understand that.  But these are KIDS out there having FUN!!  So, they dont win EVERY time there out's OK!!  So they don't drive PERFECT every time or make that PERFECT pass...I swear to you....IT'S OK!!  We as ADULTS need to take a step back and THINK!  These 5-16 yr old kids are doing something that not alot of other kids get to do.  Just be thankful that they go out there, race their heart out and bring the car back in one piece!  If you think you can do better....than get in the car and do it yourself!!!  STOP, STOP, STOP making your kid feel like they're a disappointment to you....because thats EXACTLY what your doing to them.  Praise them for what they do and go on....
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« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2012, 11:26:23 PM »

This is an AWESOME post!  I was the rookie director for the last 5 years at Toledo NWOQMRA and one of the biggest things I teach the PARENTS is they need to keep this fun and light!  First place pays the same as last place...$0!!!!  At the end of the day the best reward is time with your kid!  I won 86 races as a driver and when my kid started in QM racing I had high expectations.  I was hard on him as a rookie to the point he wanted to quit.  Then I realized how stupid that was!  This is supposed to be fun!  The time of your life!  Your chances of having the next NASCAR superstar are slim to NONE!  So just enjoy the time with your kid!  I learned that myself and now teach that!  Once I learned that this all became more fun!  When my son had a bad race...was not focussed...did not perform his best...or WON...I patted him on the back and said "good job son!  You did your best and we had fun!"  Sometimes I was disappointed after all the hard work only to finish in the back...or other times he surprised me and was up on the wheel and won!  It all paid the same and we still had a great weekend together.  We are now done...this last season was our last.  I can look back with fond or lose!  I watched a parent rip into his daughter after a race at Eldora at the end of the season telling her that she had the fastest car on the track and drove like crap...bla bla bla.  I wanted to reach over and smack him up side the head!  That is just stupid to belittle your child and run them into the ground!  Your job is to pick them up and help them become a better person, a better sportsman, and create memories! 

Great post!  Always give your kid positive strokes!  Find a positive in everything they do!  Often I see the parent yell at the kid when they drove a car that handled like crap...sorry dad, that is your fault!  You get out there and drive that crap!  Many dad's never drove a racecar.  I did...for 17 years!  I missed my setup from time to time and understand!  I missed my son's setup from time to time...I understand.  Enjoy this time with your goes by WAY too fast! 

Lastly...have you strapped into one of these cars?  I did one time in my son's Heavy 160 car...on the track alone!  HOLY CRAP!  These things are FAST and hard to drive!  I drove a dirt LM at over 100MPH on 3/8 mile dirt tracks and that is easier than driving a QM!  Seriously!  Try it will NEVER yell at your kid again!  It is amazing what those kids do out there and how fast they have to think and react! 
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