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Post by: Kevin on August 07, 2008, 11:13:40 PM
USAC disappointed our fans tonight with the indefinite postponement of a scheduled Indiana Midget Week race at Union County Speedway. The decision was made after numerous safety concerns were raised by our Officials and competitors.

We will not apologize for acting in the best interest of safety for our competitors. The track, which has not held a USAC event in many years, was deemed to have features which could pose harm to our competitors. We regret the decision had to be made on race day. While there will be many excuses and blame to spread around, USAC will take the responsibility.

Changes have already been made which are intended to prevent this situations from occurring.

Thank you for your continued support. We commit to you some of the greatest racing action and best drivers in racing today. We are continually evolving to bring you a greater experience with USAC.

Post by: 767 on August 07, 2008, 11:26:07 PM
i know USAC can not fix this tonight or even this week, but i speek for a group of 6 when we say we will not be at bloomington tomorrow or any other race until we hear how this will be fixed.  The sadest thing about the hole situation is you have a track that has literaly been brought back from the dead.  Trust me its no jewel yet, but it will take forever to ever get a decent open wheel race out there.  Fans are not going back because of this.  The biggest thing is that none of the saftey issues tonight were created this week.  for things to go down the way they did is sad.  I sure hope this does not put the final nail in the coffin on this place.

Post by: photoshooter on August 08, 2008, 10:03:38 AM
just to let everyone know i was the photographer last night for the rumble series and can tell you the racers that stayed for the fans put on a very good show lots of passing and only 2 wrecks the way i see it these were drivers of thier own cars not hired drivers and they had no promblems its really sad that hired guns decided not to race . the track wasnt the best but ive seen worse and tony paid out the full purse .

Post by: JAKE on August 09, 2008, 10:17:49 AM
I was at the Union county speedway. USAC sucks. The promoter and fans acted like adults should. USAC teams were pulling out before any anouncement was made. USAC never did get on the loudspeaker and tell us what was happening. They won't get my money in the future

Post by: woodrow800 on August 09, 2008, 12:06:06 PM
Kevin / USAC,

After driving from our home in  Florida to catch a couple of USAC races at Indiana Midget week, I am once again reminded why my late grandfather, late father and myself started going to the World of Outlaws in the early 80's.

You state that "USAC officials" were concerned about safty at the Union County Speedway.  This is a track that was on the USAC schedule previously.  This is a track that runs a weekly program every Friday night. 

Could USAC officials not find a map to the track prior to the race to inspect the track?

Did anyone within USAC inspect the track prior to the event date?

Is this not the most basic, simple way of dealing with a track that has not been on the schedule for 27 years?

Your lack of preparation for this event is unconceivable for an organization that claims to bring 53 years of experience to running events.  What you did to a stuggling track promoter is morally and ethically wrong and should land you in court.

I noticed that the Indiana State police started to arrive before anouncement was made about the event.  I was at New Bremen in the late 60s early 70s when USAC mucked up an event and things did end ugly with a riot of disgruntled fans roaming the track after the event looking for anyone with a USAC shirt.

Somebody remembered that when they called the State Police before the announcement was made to the fans.  It took Indiana's finest to get you out of the mess you had made.

I suspect that is was the drivers and teams that made this decision not to race and USAC rolled over to the big teams and the money that they bring to the sport.

Safty is and will always be of major concern in sprint and midget racing.  I have lost many heros in my years as a fan of this sport.

I had my eight year old son at the track on Thusday.  Will he be witness to your poor planning skills in the future or will he choose a different avenue to enjoy racing when he is old enough to decide.


Mark Lawson
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Post by: hclarke3 on August 10, 2008, 08:18:37 PM

I was there as well. I had my 18 year old son there ready to race a spinter.

I was on the track before any decision was made - they were most fortunate that nothing happened to those that stayed.

Exposed rebar (bent over) on top of the turn 3 wall, someone mentioned more rebar sticking out somewhere in turns 1/2 -on the racing surface side (I didn't see that - too far away); a cement curb that was buried during track preparation (sitting under the flag stand on front stretch). I can't imagine what would happen if someone were to have hit that whoopty.

Oh - and no retaining fence in 1/2 which by itself was okay but someone mentioned pipes sticking up out of the ground on the other side.

These guys are racers - they all came to race - and the racers voted to leave . What motive would you say they had other than saftey?

Kevin - add ten years and put your son in a car on that track as it was the other night. Right or wrong I was happy the team owner made the decision to leave.

Don't hang it on the racers or teams.

I agree with one point you've made - USAC goofed. It was really unfortunate for the fans, the track owner/promoter, the racers and USAC. USAC did not need a black eye over something that could have been avoided by sending someone the 1 1/2 from Indy to look over the track.

As with any organization - they make mistakes - the measure of it all will be how they respond and what they put in place to avoid this kind of unfortunate event in the future.

Post by: photoshooter on August 11, 2008, 12:34:50 AM
a cement curb that was buried during track preparation (sitting under the flag stand on front stretch). I can't imagine what would happen if someone were to have hit that whoopty.
there was no curb the dirt was below the wall base and it was fixed before the races started  the rebar was fixed also as for no fence ive seen several tracks like that as for other things most was fixed dont you think usac should have looked at the track weeks before? ive heard several parts of this story and can say usac just plan screwed up

Post by: 767 on August 11, 2008, 05:01:56 PM
from what i have read on other forums, there is more to this story.  Plan and simple the concerns that were brought up were fixed.  then teams still pulled out.  I will listen to what kevin miller has to say tonight on race fan radio.  Right now I will not support another USAC event.  My words mean nothing, but my money means something!

Post by: otis 57 on August 12, 2008, 11:28:21 AM
Unbelievable but lets move forward. Every track on the schedule should be inspected two weeks prior to an event and any track that has not hosted an event in the last 10 years should be inspected prior to being scheduled. The onus is on USAC to make sure this never happens again. Travel costs what they are, for fans as wwell as competitors, it's bad enough when weather interferes.

Post by: GregD on August 12, 2008, 11:51:03 AM
Kevin,  thank for thinking of driver safety first.  I would rather drive home disappointed than to see someone hurt.  For those of you that didn't go to Bloomington, you miss a great night of racing.  Greg

Post by: photoshooter on August 12, 2008, 08:03:39 PM

Post by: race88 on August 15, 2008, 05:21:10 PM
USAC has a slow learning curve..last year at Tucson ,a CRA sprint race,there was a similar issue and the drivers said 'no' to USAC till repairs were made to make the track safe to drive...USAC needs to preview the racetracks and help insure the track has time to impliment any changes nessesary to make it safe for the competitores and fans alike...trying to repair things race day does'nt always work...I've never been to a Sprint/midget car race [as spectator or competitor] that I didn't enjoy myself let's all work at forcing USAC the best it can be,and for God's sake keep coming,don't cut off your nose to spite your face! Bitch ,moan,complain,and argue but don't quit ....