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Title: 1978 Mini-Indy
Post by: mini-indy on January 15, 2009, 01:31:40 PM
Good morning everyone.

I'm one of those goofy guys that thinks that USAC should have been in control of Indy car racing rather than Cart or the IRL. Now that, that is said what I am looking for is any historic information on the MIni Indy Series. I know that USAC only ran it for a couple of years and I heard that it was aquired from IMSA. True or false? I also own a car that I believe was driven by Roger Bighouse @ Milwaukee in 1978. The race results I have show Roger in car number 18 starting 18th & finishing 20th. I have a picture of my car being unloaded from a truck with Rogers name and number 18 on it. I would also be interested in seeing any old promotional info that might be in your records from that era. I hope you have something for me and my apologies to any of your midget and sprint fans for bringing up this probably thankfully forgoten piece of USAC History.