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Title: URGENT NOTE- Little E dirt race Oct. 30th! Need racers...
Post by: Kendall42 on October 25, 2010, 11:37:42 AM
In case you have not seen it, Larry and David have put together a show at Little E (Eldora) racing on the Karting track for this coming Saturday, Oct. 30th.  The show is actually a big Kart event, but they are adding QM's to the docket for fun. 
Space is LIMITED though...they are going to run only 2 classes.  A 120CC class with a 270# weight rule and a 160CC class with a 325# weight rule.  Kinda like a Sr. Honda and Hvy 160 class, but age is not a factor as this is just a fun race. 
They are only letting the first 12 cars in each class that call to race in the event!  If they do not get at least 7 cars in each class, they are going to combine them into one race and then it will be 120CC/290# and 160CC/340# running together in one class.  You will get 2 practice sessions, 2 heat races, and one feature. 
We are planning to attend and I hope we can get 2 full fields of cars in 120 and 160.  Come on...getting a little dirt on the car will not hurt it!  It will not be muddy, just a little dust.  Dirt racing is a BLAST...the kids always love it.  I know Austin would much rather race dirt then pavement. 
Please call David at 440-288-9526 today and sign up!  Cost is only $10!  They will make a decission on Thursday of this week as to if there will be 2 classes or just one...or if the QM's will run at all, depends on car count.  So please call him by Thursday if you want to come play in the dirt on the Kart track...will be fun! 


Title: Re: URGENT NOTE- Little E dirt race Oct. 30th! Need racers...
Post by: Kendall42 on October 26, 2010, 08:42:15 AM
OK....101 people read that post so far.  How many of you have called and signed up?  Weather looks GREAT for it...nearly 70 degrees and no rain!  I talked to Dave yesterday and he said there are enough cars now to run the 120 and 160 races.  So there will be a 120CC 270# class and a 160CC 325# class.  That's it...two classes.  Max of 12 cars per class will be allowed.  So get your kid signed up for one of these 24 spots! 

By the way...if anyone from MI or N. OH wants to "trailer pool", let me know ASAP.  I am taking my Toy Hauler even though I am only taking one car.  I have room for 2 more cars.  I thought about just putting the car in the pickup bed, but the trailer has the generator, air compressor, tools, spares, etc all in it already.  Just easier to hook on and go.  But if I can put another car or two in and we can split some fuel costs, that would help.  Going down Friday evening.

Hope to see you there!

Title: Re: URGENT NOTE- Little E dirt race Oct. 30th! Need racers...
Post by: Kendall42 on October 31, 2010, 10:33:42 PM
For those who did not make missed some fun!  Running on the big Kart track was a blast for the kids!  We had 7 cars total.  Five were 160 cars all running pretty much Hvy 160 weight and rules, and 2 were 120 cars running pretty much Sr. Honda rules.  The races were actually pretty close.  They were able to really do some passing on the straights and Austin said it was a blast and they were going pretty darn fast at the end of the straights.