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Title: How to get started.
Post by: Smith760 on August 30, 2010, 08:24:39 PM
I've been racing atv motocross since i was 15 and i'm now 21 and the sport is falling apart. Pro's can't even make a living anymore and all my friends are getting paralyzed, so there is not much of a future in it for me. I'm looking to start racing and don't know what series, class, or car to run. If anyone could help me out on this it'd be great. I've raced in Purdue's grand prix on an auto 100cc go kart and liked the street type racing with a 50 mile race format, so i'd prefer long road races if thats possibly. I honestly don't know much at all about this stuff but i'm a quick learner and have a natural racing ability. I'm from northern Indiana.

Landon Smith