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Title: Hoosier Hundred "Twin 50's"
Post by: GregD on April 30, 2010, 03:28:48 PM
I just heard that the Hoosier Hundred will be stopped at lap 51.   They will be lined up in two's and restarted.  What are they doing to our hundred milers, this is crap.  I e-mailed Track Enterprises that I believed that the only reason to stop a race was safety.  They replied that was the reason for the stop.  They did want them to start with 800 lbs. of fuel.  If my math is not bad it is a lot closer to 600 lbs. and they have been doing this for a lot of years.  With the fuel cell now I don't believe this to be a problem.  Please e-mail them and tell them your thoughts on this before it is too late.