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Title: Pit Pass
Post by: Souvy on July 08, 2008, 09:32:08 PM
I havent been able to find a schedule for Pit pass, is it every event? Richmond used the ICS feed, can we expect that again, LOVED IT. thanks  :)

Title: Re: Pit Pass
Post by: indybigjohn on July 25, 2008, 01:49:04 PM
The webcast last night was great for a first time try.  Do those guys a favor and give them a scoring monitor, or at least a laptop so they have the same access to the scoring/timing as those of us watching from home.  Great race program last night.  Makes me miss Indianapolis and all my USAC friends.

Title: Re: Pit Pass
Post by: randyrad on July 25, 2008, 04:15:32 PM
As an interested user, I sense this is still a project in the development & proof of concept phase.
If you make it too slick a production & too good a deal, you encourage fans to stay home, rather than go to the track. Yet, by making it available for distant fans or new fans, you sustain & grow the national fanbase who will travel to the track when USAC tours the region. Build an audience, & sponsors will advertise.

How's the WoO Dirtvision subscription deal work?

However it evolves, count me in. Free, subscription, or ppv's ok by me. Eventually, archieved races would be great, for those you can't get to a computer to see 'em live.

It's very encouraging watching this develop. Thanks USAC.

Title: Re: Pit Pass
Post by: points on August 06, 2008, 08:39:18 PM
Agreed you risk not filling the stands, but a dont think it would affect attendance.first it cant continue to be free. After this testing it would have to be a ppv. I'm still going to go when the racing is in a reasonable driving distance(1 or two hours-maybe more once or twice a year for a bigger event). but thats only seeing usac a handful of times a year for me. in person with your extended racing family is still better.
 with a ppv option I could see myself watching 10,20,30 events a year easy even at say $12.99 . multiply that by?. there is a possible big source of income out there. these are races that I would not be able to attend and would love to see.
I have started watching some web steaming on other sites some was good and some was not so good. but this technology seems to be getting better.hope to see more

Title: Re: Pit Pass
Post by: Justin on September 07, 2008, 01:03:00 AM
i love this! it makes my experience as a fan 10 times better! though i love going to the races!