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Title: Lapcevich Sellout
Post by: Jeff Lapcevich on December 09, 2013, 11:28:45 PM
Sadly, we are getting out of QM racing after 8 seasons.   Cars, engines, wheels, shocks, gears, carts, deco starter, ignitions, fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, shocks, shocks, and more shocks got to go.
Cars are all small Bullriders, black powdercoat, black bodies, splined axles, nothing older than a 2011.
Two fresh AA engines, still at Shortys but ready to go.  Bs, Mods also.  Two killer Honda 120s maintained by Dan at R Motorworks.  All engines have won Grands, USAC Nationals, Columbus Indoors level; many multiple times.   No junk here. 
AFCO and Advanced shocks, all common valving configurations and a few not so common.  Advanced springs.
There's not much I cant ship and I'm willing to travel part way to make a car sale if needed.   Otherwise, I may be able to send a car to Columbus Indoor with a friend.  Email to or call Jeff at 905-971-1510

Title: Re: Lapcevich Sellout
Post by: Jeff Lapcevich on March 19, 2014, 12:35:15 AM
Still have four cars and lots of engines and parts.   It all needs to go, new toys are on the way!  No reasonable offer refused.

Title: Re: Lapcevich Sellout
Post by: Cowboybart333 on March 24, 2014, 08:07:55 PM
Interested in 120s and old are engines since refresh. What are you asking. Shipping to ga

Title: Re: Lapcevich Sellout
Post by: Jeff Lapcevich on March 30, 2014, 12:08:02 PM

Title: Re: Lapcevich Sellout
Post by: Jeff Lapcevich on April 23, 2014, 11:36:32 PM
This stuff needs to go.  I need room for the new toys.   Small Bullriders with cart, cover, and two sets of wheels with tires $2500.   All current stuff.   Good straight lightly used and well maintained race winning equipment.
Two killer AA motors.   These are fresh and sitting at Shortys waiting to race.   I can give somebody a really good deal with ignitions, AA fuel tanks, AA pipes, lightweight steel engine gears, and shipping crates.   Grands, USAC National, Indoor wins.   Both engines have lots of history.
Two awesome Mod engines.   Both have countless wins.   One fresh with only one race; the other less than 10.   Pipes, ignitions, gears, tanks to go with them.   $2000 will take them both with a bunch of goodies to go with them.
B engines.  Same bunch of extras as the mods; $1000 for the pair.  Ones an original Shelton with one race on it since freshened by Lederer, the other is one of Hawkins finest.
Wheels, tanner alignment guage, shock tools, axle blocks, solid  and regular LS nerfs for all sizes of Bullriders, Advanced and Afco shocks, Tanner shock tool kit, and more.
Make offers on any or all of it.   You can't insult me. It all needs to go.  Contact me at