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Title: Drivers from the 90's still stuck in USAC
Post by: arno9 on August 26, 2013, 10:43:10 AM
I was involved with USAC for 14 years as an Official, and was highly regarded. I find it funny how 1 driver, was always saying back in the early 90's, how he was fast and going places. now its 2013, it only took until the past few years that he started winning. after the Stewart,Bliss,Irwin,Jones,Vogler,Stanley,Leffler,Newman,Gordon,Michner,Kalitta,and others made it to Indy Car, NASCAR,or retired, or passed away. so its not that he has gotten better, but the lack of competition has fallen off. just the car counts at Silver Crown races, now barely getting to 20 cars, when there was a consistent 45 at every race. and the Midgets, what a disgrace, to a once highly coveted ride. if you advanced to the USAC National Midgets from another series, you were heading in the right direction.No pavement sprints, no ESPN Saturday night Thunder. so this driver who I will not mention by name, just to not make him look any worse, just hung around, until the opportunity door opened, and let the dog have his day.

Title: Re: Drivers from the 90's still stuck in USAC
Post by: William Draper on September 03, 2013, 08:44:15 PM
Somebody needs to pick up SPEED TV and expand it beyond NASCAR.  Fox Sports 1 is a joke.  NASCAR has turned into follow the leader (boring) and all of the other series are being forgotten.  The car count at DuQuoin was only 15, think only 6 or 7 finished.  I travelled all the way from Iowa to see this race.  I'll do it again if it will help attract more cars and keep the series going.