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Post by: slowpoke on July 23, 2013, 11:04:02 PM
I saw a dad get completely and ridiculously out of control sunday, being irate , and making a total fool of himself in front of everyone at the track. He was mad because his kid had made contact with another car on the track and had struck out of the race. My son could not believe how this dad was acting , he asked me why the dad would talk to his kid like that in front of everyone and act like he was going to hit his kid. I had no good answer for him other than to say "Just be glad you don't have to be afraid like that boy". My son then said "I feel sorry for him" referring to the boy. I don't understand how someone can care more about a few points in a race than they do about how they treat their children. This is supposed to be FUN for the kids. I wouldn't blame this boy if he never wanted to race again if that is what waits for him when he comes off the track.