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 on: March 12, 2015, 05:44:53 PM 
Started by sprintcar96 - Last post by sprintcar96
Animal Engine sold, 120 Baker motor still available....

 on: March 12, 2015, 12:57:19 PM 
Started by bill4633 - Last post by bill4633
tanner frt and rear alignment bars 75.00 ea
2-stanley left side birdcages billet alum 80.00ea
shipping will be whatever cost is paypal works for payment
text 734-658-2157 i will get back to you

 on: March 10, 2015, 09:11:00 PM 
Started by Ezone - Last post by Ezone
   Scott Wilson  540-250-3982         
Wilson Parts            
Qty   Description   Condition   Price Ea   Total
1   37 Standard Engine Gear (Bolts on Hub)   Used    $5.00     $5.00
1   36 Standard Engine Gear (Bolts on Hub)   New    $5.00     $5.00
1   5 lb Lead Weight (Flat)   Used    $5.00     $5.00
2   10 lb Lead Weight (Flat)   Used    $5.00     $10.00
1   #40 Chain 30+ Ft   New    $10.00     $10.00
1   3/16 Fuel Braided Line 10+ ft   New    $5.00     $5.00
4   14 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $20.00
2   15 1/4 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $10.00
3   12 In Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $15.00
1   13 3/4 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $5.00
1   15 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $5.00
1   9 3/4 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $5.00
2   8 1/4 in Radius Rod   New    $5.00     $10.00
1   Tanner Throttle Linkage   Used    $10.00     $10.00
1   A - Main Throttle Linkage   Used    $10.00     $10.00
3   Throttle Cables   Used    $2.00     $6.00
3   Exhaust Gaskets   New    $1.00     $3.00
1   Carb Gasket   New    $1.00     $1.00
2   Front Spindles w. Bearings   New    $10.00     $20.00
10   120 Valve Springs   New    $1.00     $10.00
1   Tanner Gen 2 w/4 Updates   Used    $50.00     $50.00
1   Tanner Plantinum 4 (Rebuilt)   Used    $75.00     $75.00
1   Brake Cylinder w/pads   New    $25.00     $25.00
1   125 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
2   110 lb Spring       $5.00     $10.00
1   135 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
2   130 lb Spring       $5.00     $10.00
1   85 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
2   120 lb Spring       $5.00     $10.00
1   160 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
2   140 lb Spring       $5.00     $10.00
1   180 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
1   170 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
1   150 lb Spring       $5.00     $5.00
1   Neck Brace Black   New    $5.00     $5.00
1   5x5x3 Wheel   Used    $5.00     $5.00
1   5x6x2.5 Wheel   New    $5.00     $5.00
1   120 Motor w160 Carb (Ziggy)   Used    $250.00     $250.00
1   120 Carb   Used    $25.00     $25.00
1   160 Baker w/200 Carb   Rebuilt    $350.00     $350.00
several   Various 6x6x4 & 6x8x4 Wheels w/ Tires       $75.00     $75.00
1   V shaped Rear Bumper   Used    $10.00     $10.00

 on: March 10, 2015, 12:37:34 PM 
Started by bill4633 - Last post by bill4633
looking for rear cp or same design rear gears 38-42
email what you have and pricing to fireman1975@aol.com

 on: March 06, 2015, 10:03:58 AM 
Started by ctaylor - Last post by ctaylor
Much like the famous quote attributed to Mark Twain, ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’, the United States Auto Club is rebuilding its HPD Midwest Midget Thunder series sponsored by Honda for the 2015 race season.  After an abbreviated year in 2014 to address the introduction of the Honda powerplants, USAC is planning a schedule of dirt and asphalt races in 2015, with a goal of expanding on the previous focus as a developmental series to involve more grass roots racers seeking a cost effective formula for midget racing.

According to HPD series coordinator Eric Rankine, USAC is continuing to work with track promoters in the Midwest to schedule a mix of dirt and asphalt races for the 2015 season, coordinating two race weekends where possible to maximize racing opportunities while minimizing travel expenses.  Thus far, confirmed dates include Toledo (with USAC Silver Crown, May 1st)/Shady Bowl (asphalt, May 2nd), Limaland/Waynesfield (dirt, July 24th & 25th), Jackson/Atomic (dirt, Aug 28th & 29th). The HPD series also has dates confirmed at Columbus Motor Speedway (asphalt, 4/25), Plymouth Speedway (dirt, 8/8), Hickory Speedway (NC. Asphalt 11/21) and second dates at Waynesfield (6/5), and Shady Bowl (9/5).  Unfortunately the closure of Kil Kare Speedway eliminated the opportunity for additional races to partner with the Columbus and Shady Bowl dates.

The series will be open to competitors with HPD legal Honda and Focus engines (the Hondas, which are currently available for purchase from USAC, will be required to run restrictors for the 2015 season).  Rankine indicates USAC is committed to stringent enforcement of rules for 2015, and will work closely with competitors to seal and inspect cars in order to meet the objective of low cost, competitive midget racing.

In order to provide full fields to promoters and competitors, USAC has elected to partner with area mini sprint/lightning sprint associations to co-sanction the dirt series races.  Per Rankine, “Montpelier Speedway’s midget series has demonstrated that the HPD legal cars and mini sprints have very comparable performance.  We have three very strong mini sprint associations in the Midwest, which primarily run winged races.  The USAC HPD Midwest Midget Thunder series will benefit them by allowing their members to run non-winged at some premier speedways.  This approach also benefits USAC members by giving them assurance that they can purchase a HPD legal car and have ample opportunities to race throughout the season.   By co-sanctioning the races, each club will maintain enforcement of their own rules, including membership and point championships.

Negotiations are ongoing to finalize purse structures and points’ funds, however several tracks including Waynesfield, Limaland and Atomic have committed to a $500 to win, $100 to start payout.

Please contact Eric Rankine at 317-771-6596 or eric@usacracing.com for additional information on the series or the Honda HPD powerplants.

USAC HPD Midwest Midget Thunder Series
April 25       Columbus Motor Speedway (A) (co-sanctioned with USAC HPD East Series)

May 1      Toledo Speedway (A)
May 2      Shady Bowl Speedway (A)

June 6      Waynesfield Raceway Park (D) (co-sanctioned with American Mini Sprint Association)

July 24      Limaland Motorsports Park (D) (co-sanctioned with American Mini Sprint Association)
July 25      Waynesfield Race Way Park (D) (co-sanctioned with American Mini Sprint Association)

Aug 8      Plymouth Speedway (D) (co-sanctioned with Midwest Mini Sprint Association)

Aug 28      Jackson Raceway Park (D) (co-sanctioned with Southern Ohio Lightning Sprint Association)
Aug 29      Atomic Speedway (D) (co-sanctioned with Southern Ohio Lightning Mini Sprint Association)

Sept 5      Shady Bowl Speedway (A)

Nov 21      Hickory Speedway (A) (co-sanctioned with USAC HPD East Series)

 on: March 03, 2015, 11:56:46 AM 
Started by sprintcar39 - Last post by sprintcar39
2014 Stanley Bulldog quarter midgets 78" or 80" - Advanced shocks, Sliding engine plates, Quick release steering wheel, Tires/Wheels. - $3,500
Deco AA motors. starting at $1,200
Deluxe scale tables - $1,500
World Formula - Flash engines with pipe - $1,200

For pictures and information contact:

 on: March 03, 2015, 11:42:19 AM 
Started by sprintcar39 - Last post by sprintcar39
Beast Focus midget. Dirt or Pavement.
Car is in great condition and comes with one set of tires/wheels for both dirt and pavement.
Spare axles, Full Containment Seat, Wheel wrench, shocks and others all included in this bargain price.
pictures available on request.

 on: February 24, 2015, 01:56:14 PM 
Started by KR Racing - Last post by KR Racing
2014 Medium Storm Chassis.  All 3 are house cars and are in excellent condition. Being sold as rollers for $2400 each or can make them turn key if needed.  Call Mike @ 7749308690

 on: February 21, 2015, 08:14:40 PM 
Started by sprintcar96 - Last post by sprintcar96
NC Grizz 33" (2008) with ARS shocks set up for Rookie or Jr. Honda.  Will sell complete with engine for $2,500, w/o engine $2,000.

Baker 120 Thailand motor new in 2013 with exhaust $600, very few laps from new.  Primarily used as Rookie only.  

SOLD - Also have a Baker Animal with exhaust - $650, also run very few laps

(330) 697-3549 cell (call or text)

 on: February 17, 2015, 10:04:02 AM 
Started by REOMotorsports - Last post by REOMotorsports
February 7th, the 5th race of the 6 race Buckeye Indoors Series was a great success. The weather was beautiful for families that travelled from as far away as Colorado and Delaware to compete in the countries most unique and unbiased racing venue.

As with the previous races, the Rookie turnout was spectacular with 24 Rookies taking part in the unique classroom sessions and then the track. Each of the Indoor events has had over 20 Rookies taking part. The Buckeye club has a nationwide reputation for training, coaching and encouraging kids to begin their racing career Indoors.

These Rookies will be well ahead of their competition as the various clubs start racing this Spring.  The Buckeye Indoors is widely viewed as the best learning experience anywhere in the country.

According to Chad Wise, from Angola, Indiana:
“The Buckeye Indoors is ABSOLUTELY the best place to learn how to successfully pass in a race. The unique track configuration makes the kids look at things differently but in a way that is very helpful when returning to traditional racetracks. It is always very obvious who raced Indoors and who took the Winter off.”

The highlight of this event was the giveaway of a new generator provided by Briggs and Stratton. The winner, by random drawing, was Chase Hyland from Cherry Hills, Colorado. His name was drawn from his Light World Formula sign-in card.

The Buckeye club is excited to announce another giveaway for the February 21st race. This giveaway is a fully race prepared Animal engine from Baker Racing Engines, the preeminent engine builder for Quarter Midgets. All entrants will be eligible for this random drawing.

For more information, please contact:
Richard Osborne
Indoor Director

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