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 on: November 07, 2014, 09:32:19 AM 
Started by hotshoe8t - Last post by hotshoe8t
Complete team sellout- Getting out of Quarter Midgets after 5 years.

Small Bullrider, chassis updated in 2010. completely rebuilt in summer 2014, no races on car since rebuild. Has new set of 2014 valving Advanced shocks by Supan Bros. Suspension, Comes with Talon headrest, complete spare used body. Very Fast Japan 160 by Flash Engines. Comes with pit cart. needs seat belts.

Medium Bullrider, chassis updated in 2014. New USAC legal body, powder-coating spring of 2014. Very Fast UT2 Baker 120,only 12 races on engine. Afco by Bullrider shocks, CPG cagenet, Talon headrest, custom poured foam seat. New Smoker ratchet hub. Includes optional "heavy" left nerf bar, set of spare radius rods and complete spare QMA legal used body. comes with pit cart.

 Have a pile of spare parts(gears,springs,shocks,chains,setup tools,wheels,tires and misc hardware) that are included with sale. pics available of everything we have.

Everything we have for quarter midget racing for $5700

Cars and Equipment located in NC. contact me via e-mail @ or call/text 315-286-3164

 on: November 04, 2014, 05:59:53 PM 
Started by smiley56 - Last post by smiley56
is usac going to allow the new fuel safe bladderless fuel cells?

 on: November 04, 2014, 01:49:29 PM 
Started by TimBaker77 - Last post by TimBaker77
Gear set SOLD!
160 down to $300!
Everything else make offers!!

 on: October 31, 2014, 03:41:48 PM 
Started by REOMotorsports - Last post by REOMotorsports
The Buckeye Quarter Midget Racing Association is excited to announce the 58th running of the Winter Nationals Indoor Series. The first race is approaching rapidly on November 15th. As in years past, parking will begin on noon the day before. The cost for indoor parking is $20. There is no charge for outdoor parking, although the fairgrounds may charge for entrance to the grounds.

BQMRA is VERY excited to announce 2 new promotions. The first is a giveaway of 2 engines from Baker Racing Engines. A new UT2 160 and a new Animal. There will be 2 races, out of the 6, when these will be given away in a unique way. As long as you are a registered racer, you will be eligible. Visit for the dates of the giveaways.

Additionally, the Buckeye club is very pleased to announce a special giveaway for the Animal and World Formula racers, sponsored by Briggs and Stratton.  There will be 2 Briggs and Stratton Inverter Generators given away during the 6 race series. Winners will be drawn at random based upon each Jr Animal, Sr Animal, Unrestricted Animal, Lt World Formula and Hvy World Formula entry. Following is the official announcement:

Briggs and Stratton Racing steps up to support the 58th annual Buckeye Indoor Winternationals!

On December 6th and February 7th Briggs and Stratton racers in attendance will be automatically entered to win a Briggs and Stratton PowerSmart Inverter Generator valued at $799.00.  "The 58th annual, a legendary series that we are excited to support" Stated David Klaus, Director of BriggsRacing.  "We want to thank all of our Briggs families, BQMRA for the tireless effort they put in year in and year out to make this series happen, and we wish everyone the best."

We look forward to seeing everyone as the Winter season kicks off. Please refer to for updates throughout the series.

 on: October 31, 2014, 10:14:46 AM 
Started by Outlaw Shocks - Last post by Outlaw Shocks
We have several used engines and cars for sale.

Two matching 2007 NC Kong 35" cars.  Both are very well taken care of and come with ARS shocks, Mycron 4's, carts and car covers.  Seat belts were new in 2014.  $1900 each.

2013 Medium Hawk roller.  Car has 8 races in LTAA since new.  Finished 2nd in Columbus indoor point series with 1 feature win.  Always fast.  Can come with Afco or ARS shocks.  $3000

2014 Small Hawk roller.  Designed for Animal or deco class with motor moved forward.  8 races since all brand new.  3 wins and broke track record at London, OH in spring.  Complete minus engine and mycron.  $3200.

2000 Bullrider small roller.  Good starter car.  As roller minus engine and Mycron $1500. 

Nervo 1900 roller with mycron 3, and smoker shocks.  $1400.


JPM Animal engine.  Currently setup for Sr Animal.  Has 1 race day since brand new.  Very strong engine.  $900 with pipe.

Mod engine with 2 races since fresh.  Runs strong.  Former Lapcevich motor.  Complete with pipe and ignition.  $1200

Shelton B with one race on it since freshened by Lederer.  Former Lapcevich motor.  $500.

Hawkins B.  Former Lapcevich motor.  $500.

(3) Baker 160 UT1 engines.  $300 each.

Ziggy UT1 120 freshened by Baker with one season on it.  $400.

Any of the above cars are available turnkey with any engine listed above.

Call or text Chris @ 248-670-0029.

 on: October 29, 2014, 06:15:33 PM 
Started by phantom cars - Last post by phantom cars
Animal car is sold... World formula $4000.00 race ready $3000.00 as a roller. NC 1900 with Baker 160 $2000.00 race ready $1500 as a roller. Trailer $3000.00    Will deal on extras with purchase of a car or trailer. 419-690-6635

 on: October 28, 2014, 04:19:26 PM 
Started by Outlaw Shocks - Last post by Outlaw Shocks
Both cars have ARS shocks and mycron 4's.

 on: October 28, 2014, 03:03:18 PM 
Started by Dawnquinn18 - Last post by Dawnquinn18
Scott Racing World Formula. Engine is fresh. Asking $800. For information call: Jim Quinn, 215-378-8451 or email

 on: October 28, 2014, 02:38:21 PM 
Started by Dawnquinn18 - Last post by Dawnquinn18
Multiple Grands Winning Lederer AA engine, this was our best AA engine and is a very high HP engine. The engine has 3 races since fresh. Asking $2500. For information call: Jim Quinn, 215-378-8451 or email

 on: October 28, 2014, 12:35:38 PM 
Started by Outlaw Shocks - Last post by Outlaw Shocks
Have two matching 2007 NC Kong 35" cars.  Both are very well taken care of and come with carts and car covers.  Seat belts were new in 2014.  Available in several different configurations.

Car as roller with cart and cover - $1900
Car as above with Baker UT1 120 or UT1 160 - $2300
Car as above with Baker UT2 120 - $2500
Car as above with Baker WF - $2600

These prices are for each car.  Both are almost identical. 

Call or text Chris @ 248-670-0029

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