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Title: cali focus racing pavement and dirt
Post by: racer28 on July 27, 2008, 11:20:48 PM
i wouldlike to bring my team out to cali to run some shows this year or next how are the car counts out there.  are you guys still running dirt focus or is it all pavement. what are the tracks like are there any like anderson or grundy county. and how do the dirt cars do out there i hear diffrent opinions about the dirt focus cars.

Title: Re: cali focus racing pavement and dirt
Post by: cbutcher96 on July 27, 2008, 11:46:56 PM
The main dirt track in cali is ventura raeway, it is a very small track and lots of different configurations have done well there. The pavement races have more variation, but I dont know as much about them because i only run dirt.

Title: Re: cali focus racing pavement and dirt
Post by: midmad68 on July 28, 2008, 09:13:53 PM
car counts here in cali have been going up on the dirt. we've been averaging about 16 cars with a season best of 19 i think. unfortunately we didn't get too many races on the schedule this year, and it's left us with only three left. if i could make a suggestion, i would recomend coming out for the september 6th race at bakersfield. this is a 1/3 mile track that's high banked with plenty of room to race and pass. as far as pavement, there are tracks that are comparable to anderson in size, but they're pretty flat. we have run our dirt car on pavement a few times with some success, but most of the cars are pavement specific. we have a lot of new faces in the series this year since they droped the age limit. we too have a few veteran drivers which makes our series very diverse.

Title: Re: cali focus racing pavement and dirt
Post by: RonSutton on August 06, 2008, 09:46:23 PM
Car Counts on the pavement vary from 12 to 18 (not counting a big race like Turkey night, which always gets over 30.)

Irwindale is a low banked 1/3 mile "circle"
Las Vegas is a 3/8" high banked "D" shape (Fastest track we run on)
Rocky Mountain Raceway is a 4/10 Mile oval with good banking (just a tick off Vegas for Speed)
Altamont is a tight, 1-groove, bumpy 1/4 mile oval.
Roseville is a good 1/3 mile oval track with multiple grooves, high bank in 3/4 & lower in 1/2
Lake Havasu is a 1/4 mile oval with an abrasive surface (bring extra tires)
Blythe is a 1/3 mile track with no word to describe its shape.  Also abrasive.

Asphalt cars have won the most races in general, but the driver with the most wins (Alex Bowman) is in a combo car that he runs on dirt & pavement with the same car.  It just comes down to set-up & driving to make the combo cars competitive.

We can help you with gear selection, hotels, etc to make your trip easier.  Just ask on this Forum.