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Title: New Focus Rules
Post by: idhale on January 28, 2011, 12:07:31 PM
this is absolutly ridiculas to make major suspension rule changes with no prior warning weeks before the season should start, equipment purchased tabs installed frames powder coated and USAC decides to eliminate cockpit adjustables, weight jackers, Dri Bars etc ..with no input from teams supporting the series,will reduce value of alot of cars already running them,
another poor decision i think and only my opinion,bad bad bad

Title: Re: New Focus Rules
Post by: Nic13d on January 28, 2011, 05:18:25 PM
I am fairly new to the series, but I was under the impression from the last couple years I was around and going to races that this change was on the horizon and was going to happen eventually.  There is never a good time to announce changes I guess-but eventually to grow the sport they are going to have to eliminate costs in some places-IMHO it is crazy that people have 30k+ in a focus midget....that creates a formula to drive people away in the long run instead of promoting growth...just my 2 cents worth...:)

Title: Re: New Focus Rules
Post by: idhale on January 29, 2011, 12:11:37 AM
thanks for the reply,
i love change! i have no problem with making things more affordable, but you dont change the rules in the middle of the game,
we run a real dirt combo 6-7 years old, all the dirt and every pavement show we can (change over car frequently)and the only other on west coast is Wallys car, and have ran 50 races in 2 seasons so i read listen ask and participate in everything to do with the series and i never heard hey lets limit the shock package (next week) ? i just bought 11 cockpit packages $3k-4K for dirt and pavement with new powder and tabs n cables,nobs,and setting up a fresh build on another FF car for someone in the series, the market will be flooded everybody out west has 1-3 cockpit adjst,or weight jackers,

this is one thing i could do to be able to compete with the high dig teams,made a difference T nite they helped,real dirt combo changed over from dirt from cancelled ventura dirt show to T nite and ran .2 off leaders pace,  im lucky my kid is good at and learning to know the direction of adjustment needed to run faster, hey its a learning series better now than when in midgets or sprints,

believe we are a low end team, at Vegas n Irwindale you had 50+ bad ass rigs and yes our almost one and only 16' open trailer,

just venting,
#39 FF midget