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Title: Current Focus updates
Post by: chadyracing57 on July 16, 2008, 10:52:30 PM
Is there any way you can post current news, points and updates for the focus divisions while we're waiting for the new website? Just my 2 cents, but I hope the revamped Focus series include making combo cars more competative.
Dan Chady

Title: Re: Current Focus updates
Post by: RonSutton on July 19, 2008, 12:11:25 AM
Dan, what region are you racing in?

I ask, because out here in the California Pavement Series, a Combo Car has won two races already in 2008 and is leading the points (with 1 throw away counted).  How much more competitive do they need to be?

Now granted, the driver, Alex Bowman, is real good, and they have really worked on their set-ups ... but isn't that what it is supposed to take to win?

We have had 6 winners in 10 races.  The other wins in the series are by pavement cars.  We have had four drivers win two races and two drivers win one race, so the competition is close. 

I believe the key to the set-up in getting any Focus car fast on the pavement is getting the car low, the track width wide & reducing chassis roll angle.  I see a lot of combo cars show up to race pavement with the frame 2" off the ground.  That won't be fast.  The fast combo car guys, and the fast pavement guys, have the cars scrapping the track before the tires heat up and grow. It almost doesn't matter what springs are on the car ... if it is too high.  Once you get the car low, then you can work on your set-up. 

Of course good shocks are key, regardless of pavement or combo car.  Alex Bowman, and his Dad Sean, even run the Jacobs ladder and torsion bars in the rear. 

I don't know what chassis you are running, but the Beast Combo car can be made to be competitive.  Call Bob East and see if he has more info on his set-ups.

Title: Re: Current Focus updates
Post by: chadyracing57 on July 19, 2008, 07:17:50 PM
Ron, Thanks. It's good to here that a combo car is doing some good out there. We're running the midwest series. We're having lots of other issues that keep us from even  being competative with the other combos, but even the better combos are usually getting lapped by the good pavement cars. Usually they're Beast's but Pennington is pretty fast in his Bullet. Well anyway, hopefully we'll get things figured out real soon.
Dan Chady

Title: Re: Current Focus updates
Post by: racer28 on July 27, 2008, 11:12:16 PM
hey dan marc here number 28 and number 12 from umara. i thought you said you guys were doing better. i have only seen you run at plymouth this year i think. but if i recall correctly your car was laying over hard in the turn. and your front shock was leaning forward a lot. if this is the correct team them you have my number i think, give me a call some time and i will help you guys anyway i can. our team cars are finishing 1st and second at grundy almost every night. and one of my cars is a old stewart that was converted to a 4 coil car and the other is a pavement spike and both are really fast. don't forget you guys are running against some of the best teams in usac focus. even we have a little trouble when we run against those teams. i can build you a custon front axle and all that stuff. anyway what i am getting at is that you guys ran fine when you ran up here last year and i will help anyway i can.