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Title: Toledo - Halloween Race this weekend
Post by: sprintcar39 on October 23, 2009, 10:11:30 AM
 :o  The Halloween race for this weekend at Toledo should be a good one. From the calls and emails it sounds like everyone is wanting to get one more race in before the cold weather is upon us.

There will be 50 Lap races each day for Jr. Honda. On Saturday there will be 100 lap races for Sr. Honda and Heavy Honda and on Sunday the 100 lap races will be for Lt 160 and Heavy 160.

There should also be a strong field of cars for LT World Formula and the new USAC .25 division of the Briggs Jr. Animal class.

Everyone is welcome to come and race the last race of the season for NWOQMRA and to see your friends and families one more time.

See ya this weekend,
Eric Rankine